Why do memrise keep removing features (especially strict typing)?

I can understand them getting rid of mems due to the problem of curating them to make sure they aren’t hateful etc. I also get that they want to change the look and feel of the site, make it more mobile friendly etc.

But I have been a memrise pro member for 5 years and the site is now less usable for its main function (learning something) than it was when I started. This isn’t progress, this is regression.

Why have memrise completely removed the strict typing option on courses? I now have to use a script on a tampermonkey chrome extension to allow me to do strict typing reviews of languages (which isn’t 100% reliable). It’s a complete pain and multiple choice/audio review doesn’t cut it. To learn the spelling and accents on a word you need to strict type it, nothing else can replace that.

I understand the desire to appeal to a more casual audience but why not bury a strict typing option in account settings so that users that want to access it can access it. It would take such a minimal effort on the part of the web developers at memrise and massively help the more in depth users.


all of this. well said.

I’ve seen several posts about Mems having been removed.

But I can still create them and see them.

And I can still see mine and others I’ve selected in my profile.

Are they no longer shared and I can I no longer access other people’s Mems?

It’s probably the alfa or beta settings. They haven’t implemented several features there (yet).
Go to your profile and switch off The new Memrise experience (Beta) on the profile tab and Memrise Labs on the learning tab.


@Olaf.Rabbachin comment is helpful:

They now moved these settings to the profile tab. And you can’t select the Alpha independently from the Beta anymore.

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I guess you’ve answered your question. :slight_smile:
Under this pretext they removed many good things and almost stopped in developing.

Please please please, don’t get rid of the strict typing function. It is so crucial for all language learners.


Honestly once the strict typing function goes I’ll have to find another platform. I’ve learnt most of the words I want and just want to refresh them every day by doing the classic review. Everything else is just fluff to me.


Well, I would like to make these mysterious “Mems” as well, but does not seem possible - perhaps a new system issue. I have removed Beta option, still no luck.
(Just to point it out, not seem doable for “newbies”! :smirk:)

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Switching off Beta still not seem to work for recent people joining, to make the mems, whatever they are…

Thanks for various tips DW…
I tried clicking on your profile to see your mems you said you had there, but can’t find any :frowning: Any way of linking to them or such?! (screenshot?!)
Still a bit puzzled what they’re about…

Hi {@reipost ,

This is what I see (reduced size so it shows you lots)

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On the web:
Start learning a new word. Click on Help me remember this.

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Thanks! Will try and figure them out :full_moon_with_face:
Ok what I see, and it is not the Beta system…
I saw as well you were wondering what others see of your profile…so this is what newcomers see anyway

Trying to put in screenshots…

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Those screenshots are from DW7’s profile here on the forum not from the profile on the actual Memrise site.


so mems either seem to be just own flashcards
…or annotations, notes , comments separately attached to other cards?!
(Edit Add ok missed the other above…
it seems added note help to remember what cards are about :+1::full_moon_with_face: btw none of that mentioned for “newbies” that I saw… …if so, perhaps cause it’s disappearing…)

A mnemonic device attached to the “word”. Which can be simple or complicated with words and/ or images, individual or shared among learners. For some languages like Japanese they are very much valued for learning.


and @DW7

Thanks again
Yes obvious enough now for “new words” with Beta off!

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