Why Chatbots and grammarbot is still disabled after I subscrible?

I am a chinese,When I learn English course,I find the “Chatbots” and “Grammarbot” is disabled.Why?I subscribe memrise for these functional.

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Hi @111122 :slight_smile:

There is no more FAQ for Grammarbot and Chatbots, so I do not know which courses have this feature, but it was for some selected courses.

Memrise began to release new versions for the courses, and in those courses, instead of these characteristics, are being replaced by Grammar Mode (that is in beta). You can just test the Grammar Mode in the app for now. The web version of Grammar Mode has not yet been released.

The course of his figure: https://www.memrise.com/course/2157622/ying-yu-ying-shi-1/
is part of the new version, so instead of chatbot / grammabot, it only has “Grammar Mode” in the app. And if you’d like to know when this will be available on the website, the response (of KanaTsumoto - Japanese Specialist at Memrise) from 6 days ago is:

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This link might be helpful…

I don’t see any mention of a grammar mode being available for Chinese learning English on that page.

I have find this feature in app.

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Memrise is best for learning vocabulary. I recommend checking out Duolingo as a compliment to Memrise.

I am a Chinese,my English is poor.I did’nt get what you mean.Do you say Duolingo is better than memrise?I should try on Duolingo?

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I am not saying that Duolingo is better than Memrise. I am saying that they are both good, and have different strengths. Duolingo will force you to type out complete sentences and they have a lot of easy to understand grammar information to help you learn English grammar. Yes, you should try Duolingo. But don’t quit Memrise. Use both. Memrise and Duolingo are both good. I use both Duolingo and Memrise. Duolingo is free, so it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Your english is so good already.What language are you learning I wonder?

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I am a native English speaker from America. I study German and French on both Duolingo and Memrise. German is my main focus though.