Why aren't there many posts on Community Created Courses?

Why aren’t there many posts on Community Created Courses?

Could the simple reason be that not many people know about the courses or even Forums?

I check daily if there are any of the courses I support, but rarely is there a number against a category.

Or perhaps the system doesn’t notify a new post in a subject?

@MemriseSupport can you enlighten me please?


These forums are scarcely populated.
What do you want to follow? Whole categories? If you go to the category The Natural World for example and click on the bell at the top right you can set your tracking preferences. I just set this category to tracking everything. Then it looks like this in preferences.


Many thanks @Duaal - I’ve never seen that, only the ones at the bottom of threads.

I’ve just set up “Watched” and not “Tracked” - hope that works, if not I’ll try the other box.

Thanks again.