Whoops, they've up updated it!

I can’t believe Memrise spent time and effort on update this long-standing friend, which I nearly see every day! I never thought this would become a priority!

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 08.48.56


They’ve been updating and “improving” Memrise for the eight years I’ve been a member and all they’ve succeeded in doing is making it worse.


heh, I don’t think users like you or me are their priority - I’m surprised they haven’t tried to get rid of us again in a while…
But I have to agree, the platform has definitely not improved for me over the years, to the contrary.


I just saw the beta appearance when doing some reviews, and it is awful - I hope that we can choose to opt out of this “improvement”.


This beta version is so horrible.

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I’m so angry that I’m being billed for this new, garbage version of Memrise. This is a bait and switch.

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