Who wan't to create course in Native South American Languages?

Who wan’t to help me?

Imanalla mashi, / Mba’éichapa kape, / Hola compañero,

I have been working on a course for Ecuadorian Kichwa based off of the Elementary Kichwa I course taught at my university (Univ. of Kansas) by Prof. Nina Kinti-Moss. It’s almost complete, covering almost everything we learned in class and from the textbook. Let me know if you’re interested. Perhaps we could collaborate in some way.

Yupaychani, / Gráciamante, / Gracias,


Hello Red Eyed Tree Frog. I just joined the Memrise Community and saw your post. What South Native American Language are you considering doing a course on? When do you think you’ll be ready to start? I’m Cherokee and Occaneechi North Native American Indian and as a Cherokee we have roots that goes back to the Mayans and I would absolutely love to learn that Language! What Native Peoples did you have in mind? I’ll talk to you later. Wado (Thank you)!! Gary AKA; Two Eagles