Who is here? ---

(Geby21) #42

Hi! this is my first time using Memrise, and so far i think this is a good web to learn another language. Nice to meet you :relaxed:

(Geby21) #43

Hi Reka, nice to meet you

(Geby21) #44

Hi Christopher, i’m from indonesia too :grinning:

(Geby21) #45

hi! nice to meet you too :relaxed:

(Mohammad F) #46

I am here, too.

(M.Beser Ates) #47

I’m here mates

(Hala M O) #48

Hi my ID is Hala-M.O i am learning German and Italian I studied English and I am Arabic native speaker

(Ichigo Smof) #49

(post deleted by author, i was not sure it was true)

(Stellan) #50

Hello :slight_smile: I’m pretty new here but I’m quite active on Duolingo.com

(Agzzo) #51

What’s up, guys? My name is Alberto, i’m from Parana, south Brazil.
Just joined Memrise and i’m loving it. I’m learning german. Best wishes!

(Data Disk) #52

Hi people, Im relatively new to Memrise but I love the Spanish courses. I’m from Norway so should anyone be in need of assistance feel free to contact me:)

(The Four Gated Danzig) #53

Er inspirasjonen din Noora? Haha.

(Data Disk) #54

Hehe…er ikke helt med på hva du mener nå?

Edit: Å ja, nå er jeg med;) Artig dame men typisk norsk slitsom jente.

(The Four Gated Danzig) #55

Hva, du er jo norsk, men kjenner du ikke Skam?! Det er helt galt ass

edit: ! gotcha. Pues, si necesitas ayuda en español, puedo contestar algunas preguntas.

(Data Disk) #56

Joda, kjenner til den. Digger den. Noora hadde vært en tur i Spania hun, ja - selv lærer jeg spansk for å flytte til damer med litt mindre oppheng enn Noora & co;)

(Data Disk) #57

Muchas gracias!

(Martin Krajč 91) #58

Ja som tu!! Slovensko (I´m here!! Slovakia) Vlajka Slovenska

(Bona) #59

Hello, people! Been using memrise for few months and just found this forum to report a typo in one of courses I’m joining. Not sure though it’ll really reach the course owner :confused:

(Sir Cemloud) #60

The “Course Forums” are in this forum for that very purpose. Type the name of your course in the search bar and see if it’s there. Look in the language section concerned. And if you find nothing start a new thread.

For example :

((ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) #61

Wow. I stumbled across one of the first topics. :sweat_smile: