Who is here? ---

(Marbella002) #21

I think this new forum is good. I had to activate it by email.

(Flamantrose) #22

Hi cos,

Signing in present, from France UTC+1.

Wondering what this new forum format will bring…


Flamant Rose

(Juliet E) #23

This new forum system seems very good but quite a lot to take in.
Warm good wishes to you all.


Hello JulietE,
Yours is a name I know from several of my leaderboards. Thanks for providing me with the motivation to keep learning new things. :smile:

(Juliet E) #25

Hello alanh

Many thanks to you for helping me to improve my Geography with your interesting and well constructed courses.

(Le Ngoc Diem) #26

Hello, nice to meet you <3

(Shano 師傅) #27

sifushano here (well, here physically being the land downunder), actually for the best part of the last week (this memrise community portal, not the land downunder) …

我想學講而讀廣東話。I would like to learn how to speak and read the Cantonese language.

I am also interested in putting together some Cantonese memrise courses, the challenge there being that I am but a raw student.

Welcome to all and see you around the forums :slight_smile:

(Sir Cemloud) #28

Why cantonese? Do you already know mandarin Chinese?

(Shano 師傅) #29

Hi @sircemcloud,

Initially my interest was in the Chinese characters themselves. Looking for the reason behind some of the more common ones. It became obvious that a lot of the meaning was lost in the simplified characters now used in Putonghua/Mandarin. Now I understand that this is only roughly 2,500 of the more than 130,000 characters, many obscure and unused today. But my journey had commenced. It was then to either be Taiwanese: who speak Mandarin but use traditional characters for writing, or, Cantonese: a language spoken by many Chinese people living outside of China. This is due to the fact that Guangzhou was a port city and many Chinese people travelled to far lands, including the one I call home. Also, Hong Kong is a viable choice to live and work in and it is still a Cantonese speaking economic region, despite the best efforts of the Chinese Government. I love their defiance and it bears supporting :wink:

I am certain that 國語 will get a look in on my memrise course list before too long.

(DW7) #30

I’m sure most of you are aware I have been invited to this new forum and have been pretty active and supportive.


(Ishmael) #31

I assume the news forums are not (yet?) linked to our Memrise accounts. Am I correct?

(Ravyre) #32

It certainly doesn’t seem like they’re linked, especially considering that we have to manually input our Memrise rank. xD

(Cos) #33

Depends on what you mean by “linked”, I guess?
We do seem to automatically get the same username here as on memrise.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to refer to or link to memrise users who haven’t signed up themselves for this forum. And there doesn’t seem to be a clickable link from your profile here to your memrise profile.

(Fiona先生) #35

I’m here! Another one from Memrise Madness on Facebook.

(DvSt) #36

We can welcome forum user 1000 within a few days. Do we have a party? :birthday:

From Amsterdam tulips for the 1000th user ……….:tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip:

(Christopher Chandra) #37

Hi there, I am Christopher Chandra. I am 14 from Indonesia… I am imterested in German and English. I am searching any guys who has the same interest with me.

(Lukasz Czapla) #38

Hello !

I’m Lukas from Poland!

(Rka Balzs) #39

Hi! I’m Réka. And I am here in Hungary.

(Sir Cemloud) #40

Welcome everyone! You can update your information and allow us to know you better.

(Keven Uj) #41

Present. Anybody up for a concurrent small course study?