Who is here? ---

(Cos) #1

Email from Memrise today said they were inviting some of the more active users of the existing forum to test out this new forum. So who else is here now, besides me?

P.S. While I think “Who is here?” is a perfectly good post title, this forum requires at least 15 characters, so that’s why those extra dashes are there at the end.

(Chiew Pang) #2

I’m here, there and everywhere…:grin::sunglasses::wave::writing_hand:

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #3


^ that’s too short, post must be at least 20 characters…


You can count me in, for one - and I have spotted a thread started by Arete_Hime, who is a regular on the other forum. No doubt other familiar names will start to appear soon, too.

It will be good to give this tool a thorough examination over the next few days and, hopefully we’ll get some quick reactions to our initial feedback from Olivia and the other moderators. After all, that’s why they’ve given it to us to ‘play with’.


Ha! There’s one drawback, already. You don’t notice other posts that are made while you are writing your own! [Edit - At the time of posting this, I hadn’t spotted that, before hitting “Reply”, it is possible to scroll down the forum thread to see if anyone has added a post while you have been writing yours. Problem solved! ] :blush:

In a different forum that I use, a warning message appears when you click on “reply” to tell you if someone else has posted while you were writing. It gives you the opportunity to edit your post, if necessary, before sending. This forum needs something similar.

(Sir Cemloud) #6

You will find a meet and greet category to the forum for this kind of post @cos If you look at the **menu icon** in the top right corner of the page, next to your profile icon.

At the moment you are all posting in the uncategorized section

(Cos) #7

If so, that’s a bug. I selected meet & greet when I made this post.

(Cos) #8

Looks like this got properly recategorized into Meet & Greet.

BTW, I’m interested to know where people are geographically, to get a sense of which countries and what time zones are represented here. I’m in Massachusetts in the US, so US/Eastern time, currently UTC -4.


If people include their location in their profile, in “Preferences”, you can see it by clicking on their avatar in their forum posts. :spy:

(LMAshton) #10

I’m currently in Dubai, but have spent most of the last dozen years in Sri Lanka.

(Elie) #11

So has the forum now been opened to everyone? I just got directed here automatically when I clicked on “forum”, I didn’t receive an email invite or anything.

I’m not complaining, this is much better than the usual set up :slight_smile:

(Joshua) #12

@theneongreen Yes, the forum is open for everyone. :+1:


Hi Joshua,

Currently, now that the new forum is open for everyone, we have lost access to the old forum. We discussed some issues about this with Olivia in the thread titled “About the new forum and going forward”.

Could someone tell us what, if anything has been decided? Thanks.

(Onesmy) #14

This is a good question, there were several topics I was interested in on the previous forum. I can still access the forum with the direct link, using the emails I received when someone answered a topic I was interested in.

(Roflcopterlol) #15

What is this new forum …?

(pdao) #16

I think people will eventually find this new forum like I did (by just clicking on the link on the home page). I had no idea it was re-formatted until I saw it. Like all things Memrise, the numbers will grow with time.

(Risgrynsgröt) #17

I got the invite as well, but when I was invited everything was broken (couldn’t even log in) and I replied to the Email saying so; never got a reply back saying that anything was fixed so I never bothered visiting again until now, when they replaced the old forum link! I didn’t bother checking but it’s possible the Email came from “no-reply”…

@roflcopterlol5h: They claim the new forum is to help reward good, active members (= kudos-based rewards system for good posts). And of course, the layout and features on the old forums were awful, you can at least search for and edit posts now!

(Trontsephore) #18

Here sir!

I’ve come from Memrise Madness:

There are little pockets of us Memrisers everywhere. I’m probably a bit more active there than the forum.

(Oric Atmos48 K) #19

There is a topic in Memrise Madness group in facebook, a lot people will hear about it soon

(Virgil Iordache94) #20

I’m here. Nice to meet you alll :grin: