Who are you and what is your Memrise ID?

((ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) #144

Its ok its good if you tell me im wrong so i can learn, thats what Memrise is for

(Amanda Norrsken) #145

I’m learning Dutch, too! As of a few weeks ago!

It’s a scream!

((ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) #146

I Tried learning Dutch it didnt go well…

((ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) #147

:disappointed_relieved: It was hard…

((ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) #148

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(ラッテル/) #149

but i learn also japanese ^^ u should add an also japanese section ^^

(Adrian) #151

Adrian from Romania here, username is LangAddict. I’ve been using Memrise for probably 3 or more years at this point. I’m currently fluent in English and French, working on Japanese and Italian.

If you want, follow me. I want to have some leaderboard competition

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #152

Salutations, human named Sir Cemloud, I am MemriseMasterSherwi, with a human name of Mohammed Sherwi, I have been on the human application Memrise for 10 Earth months and I am nearly on the Memrise rank of Memonist.
I come from Planet VuV, or Planet Vuvv, and I am an ExtraTerrestrial Human from VuV :alien:
May your soul strive within the superior application Memrise for learning languages


(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #153

Salutations @MarshallLanguages I am learning :saudi_arabia::fr::ceuta_and_melilla::kr::jp::tr::cn:and :uk:( well my human upbringing means I already know the English Language :sunglasses::star_struck:


(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #154

Salutations @TobyDoodler I have confirmed on this Google Translate, what the user @MarshallLanguages has just quoted:

It is actually ‘How is Tobey?’ when the punctuation mark ? is entered

(Ramen Lordess) #155

Hi, my memrise ID is Ramen_Lordess. I am on memrise to learn Japanese. I was feeling bored one day, so I decided to sign up for memrise to learn Japanese. Now, I can have conversations and I can get the gist of anime without subtitles.

(Baite) #156

Welcome! Cool that you are able to understand Japanese!

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #157

I am also in the process of being addicted to Memrise
MEMRISE IZ DA WAE!(to learning languages :yum:)


(ラッテル/) #158

ti-am dat follow

(Isharr) #159

Hi – I’m Immy (username: isharr) and I’m from Scotland. I’ve probably been using memrise about two months but only discovered the forums yesterday (and I probably should have posted here first… but didn’t, because I’m silly). I ended up on memrise because it seemed to be the only open, understandable resource for Plautdietsch online, but now my main concentration seems to be German, with a bit of general knowledge and botany thrown in for good measure. Feel free to mail or follow me, as I’m always happy for company and it would be great to have some competition on my leaderboard!

(John Pierre Velléroux) #160

Cheers! I’m John. My ID is @P.Velleroux, and have used the account for Italian. About me: always knackered, always chipper, and’ve always got a crumpet in my mouth. Pleasure to meet the lot here!

(Arsalan) #161

I’m Arsalan, and I learn all my dead languages on Memrise cause it’s the closest program I can get to what I want for language learning while also being able to make my own courses. I tend to just port all my grammars’ vocab lists over into Memrise courses, and occasionally grammatical paradigms. Pretty soon, I’d like to be in the habit of learning at least one dead and one modern language every year like a professor of mine from seminary does.

Nice to meet you all!

(Christian Dom) #162

Hello everybody,

My name is Christian, ID : ChristianDom I’m French. I use Memrise only for ten days because I found on it some arabic courses, and I was interested to learn that language with audio. I only learned it few on a book.

And… as you know certainly, I found a lot of other courses, so I began some (English, Turkish but also “Capitals” or “Algérian history”.

Now I am on this forum, and maybe I will use it time to time to read you and why not to reply (about French language for example).

At soon.

((ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧) #163

Nooooo this topic has officialy. died…

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #164

U know I didn’t have one of these threads but doing that is too late I know some people here.