Who are you and what is your Memrise ID?

(Andrew B) #104

just putting it out there this course is really good!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

just seen this, sorry delayed response

(Xephers) #105

I don’t know if you’d be interested in this and it’s fine if you aren’t. But would you be interested in making Slovenne courses for users on here? There aren’t very many out there, and I’m not sure how accurate they are either.

(Amanda Norrsken) #106

Hi there!

Cool that you made a verb course for learners of German!

And did you know that “geil” used to mean “horny” or “sexy”??? :wink:

Today, young Germans use it to mean “super, great, fantastic” etc. but when I came to live in Germany in 1988, it was only used in the other sense. Its meaning has changed in about the last ten years.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #107

it conserved the meaning “horny”, still, especially in Verbindung with “old man”, etc… Ask a German man what does he understand by “ich bin (so) geil” :grin: (only a child would think only about “I’m (so) cool”). It is still an ambivalent word

(Liddelhart) #108

Hello all,My name is Muzaffer.I am from Turkey.My native language is Turkish.I’ve been learning English and German on Memrise.I am trying to improve my English skills.If you want to follow me on Memrise it’s my Memrise ID:muzafferaziz
All the best

(Immortal Piece Of Paper) #109

Hey there! ^^
My name is Lies (LiesTheRoach) and I speak Dutch and English (almost) fluently. I’m currently learning German at school and Korean on memrise. I’m 16 years old and from the Netherlands. I used to not really be intrested in learning new languages, because the ones I tried to learn at school, Latin, Greek and French, just didn’t stick with me, and German (which I’m learning at school right now) isn’t exactly going smooth either. But once I figured out it isn’t too hard to at least learn to read Korean, I figured I’d give it a try, and it turns out to be more fun than I was expecting!
I’ve only been on Memrise for about a week and mostly use the app.
I’m still kind of lost on here too, so feel free to message me or whatever it is that people do.c:

(Christa H) #110

Hi, I’m Christa627 or christa627 pretty much everywhere (Duolingo, lernu.net, lang-8, Wordpress, YouTube, Instructables, HiNative). It’s kind of a dorky name, but it was the best I could think of when I was in a hurry to make an account on lernu.net, and I’ve used it since for continuity. However, the christa627 on Skype is not me.

Anyway, I’m from the United States; born in Washington state, grew up in Oregon, and currently living in Colorado while I plot my escape back to Oregon. I’ve always been interested in languages, but have had a hard time focusing on one long enough to actually speak it. I did manage to learn Esperanto; I guess being simpler and more predictable than most languages helped it fit within my attention span :stuck_out_tongue:. But I have a goal this year to become fluent (well, C1 or so) in Spanish, and that means resisting the urge to switch to a different language or try to take on more of them simultaneously (while that sounds like such a good idea, it seldom works out well for me!).

I want to become a polyglot, but I keep getting lured away by constructed languages; I don’t know why, but I just find them fascinating! Natural languages are fascinating too, but in a different way. At the top of my list of natural languages to learn are Spanish, Russian, Korean, and Italian. My favorite constructed languages are Esperanto, Toki Pona, and Lojban, and I’ve also dabbled in Klingon, Volapük, and Ido. And then there’s American Sign Language; I’m not sure how to categorize it, but I really want to learn it! :smiley:

My current rank is Membrain. I progressed a lot faster when I was using the app, but it is no longer compatible with my device (which runs on Android 2.3.7, if I remember right). I know I can’t reasonably expect apps to maintain compatibility with archaic OSs, but I’m still sad that I can’t use the app anymore, since I can’t afford a new phone :cry:.

TLDR: I like to study languages, both natural and constructed. I speak Esperanto. I’m learning Spanish and trying not to lose my focus. I wish all apps would be compatible with Gingerbread forevermore.

(Super Michael) #111

Squancho here. Using this app to learn German.

(Ofallthelameexcusesae) #112

I’m ofallthelameexcusesae and I’m learning German and I’m a native English speaker!

(ラッテル/) #113

hello murganmori here and everywhere else i am proud new meminence … i am learning primary japanese and chinese, and secondary korean, finnish, russian and mongolian. also I try to improve my french and spanish and remember german. I started to make a romanian course, my first one … i wanna put accent on slang and weird expressions as they are really used in my language. I plan to do a mongolian course as I see there are so few on memrise …

(Tiana) #114

Hi my name is Tiana and username is TianaHarris17.

I speak English as my native language, however I learned Spanish and Italian and French simultaneously as a child. As an adult now my biggest problem is sorting them out. LOL. I obviously use English the most Spanish the second most and Italian because I travel to Italy a lot. However my problem is when I can’t think of a word in Italian it comes out in French or Spanish so everything is kind of jumbled up.

(Gaukler) #115

My name is Gaukler here and i am a German speaker, 60 years old. Now i have more time and so i decided for fun to learn a new language to train my brain. i choosed bulgarian.One of my thoughts was it seems like german. Read and speak like written. So perhaps i can get skills without help, at least a little bit?.

(Petri Wilson72) #116

@gaukler Welcome here. I am new too. I am learning English and Dutch. Wish you succes with learning

(Ichigo Smof) #117

My name is Ichigosmof and I’m studying Japanese.

(Gaukler) #118

thank you! same for you.

(Ichigo Smof) #119

I’m actually a professional translator, but Japanese is not one of my professional languages. I study it to ‘grease’ my language capabilities.

(Linda Kristiina) #120

Hey! I’m LindaKristiina both here and on the main page. I’ve been in Memrise maybe two (or almost three, I’m not sure) years now, and just few days ago received a Membassador rank.

My first language is Finnish but I’m learning in English because it feels more natural. There are also good benefits in learning in another language than your native, for example strengthening the language you already know.

I’m 16 years old and I’ve been learning languages since I was 9. I’ve studied English, Swedish, German and French at school and at my free time several others, like Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and many others. I’m learning languages because I want to be able to communicate with people from all around the world, and I also want to understand different cultures.

I’m trying to do a Finnish course for English speakers, but I don’t know yet when I’m going to release it. I’m also planning to do a Finnish course for some other languages.

(Renye Zhou) #121

My memrize id is renyezhou, i started a month ago to learn chinese. I am born in Belgium, therefore my english french and dutch is pretty decent. I am learning chinese because i am trying to improve it to reach hsk 5 and teach chinese.

(BoBByCharles AppleBy) #122

Shalom Aleichem !!

My name is BoBByCharles Appleby and my Memrise ID is Yerachmeel. I am currently learning the language of Hebrew under my Rabbi. I have posted a more lengthy introduction under “Let us Introduce ourselves”.

(Zara Kambara) #123

Hi im Sarah from germany, 30 yrs old. I try to develop English and Turkish.

My Nickname on Memrise is: Zara-Kambara
Duolingo: XtraLovely

This Introduction post id goddamn long so i havent read it all. Just text me if you want to crosslearn german vs English or Turkish.

sen Türkce konusuyorsan bana yaz :smiley: