Who are you and what is your Memrise ID?

(Maxine Downunder) #82

Welcome to the Forum (and Memrise) @Radin7n. I am studying French also. I will watch your progress with interest.

(Brian Quintanilla) #83

I’m a Texan. Texas is my favorite place in the universe, but there are other places I would like to see. I’m learning Italian with the help of Memrise, Duolingo and a few other resources. There are a few other languages I am learning, but not with the same focus I’ve given Italian.
I have edited this post to include this emoji :8ball: and earn the Editor badge. I do not like emojis enough to want to use them regularly, but I wanted to take a stab at earning so more badges.


Hey there everyone!!! :smile:
I’m Lily, and I’m a Japanese teenager who uses Memrise for Spanish, and other courses. I used to use Duolingo to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Anyone who knew me there as Lilyanne Matsuda, feel free to open up a private messaging with me. :slight_smile:
Also, I’m an active user of Khan Academy, a learning site, and was known as HFM2402. If any of you guys are from KA, or know someone from KA, I would love to contact you via private messaging, as well. :grinning:
I look forward to meet new people from all over the world, make friends, and improve my Spanish.
Mucho gusto, todo el mundo!!! :smiley_cat:

P.S. I love to use emoticons and emojis - bear with me, por favor. :persevere:

(DvSt) #85

Hi @Potato_Chip_Cat,

A nice short course is:

Have a nice time! :wink:

Good luck!:relaxed:

(stereofield) #86

Hey! My name is Chip, and my Memrise is @chipthrasher.

I teach 1 course: Henle Latin




Woah…they actually have a course on that? =D


Oh…okay? :confused:

(Annalise) #90


I’m 23kid on Memrise. My current rank is Memonist. I’m mostly here to learn German, Russian and Japanese, though I’m learning other things too. I just like learning things, y’know? :heart:

(Joseph Arthur) #91

Hello, I am OffRez on Memrise. My current rank (Memengineer) I commonly use well over 175 languages and dialects. [ As well as Valyrian, Klingon, and Elvish ]. Mainly I use Memrise for our Native American Languages. Specifically the Miwok Language(s) and related dialects.

I use Memrise for online App use for learning and creating language learning tools both Offline and Online. Most of our offline learning language media we have a pairing with online media (sounds, text, visuals) I combine this with the printed media as well. - A QR code is added to each page of learning so they can listen to the sounds of the pages (which is the resource that Memrise has as a learning/test). So each page as an example of a coloring book has a Graphic, an Audio sound, the contextual spelling (with diacritics), and related visual Page number reference. (am i allowed to post a picture to show an example of all this?).

For Memrise we want to see it expand its related capability to include animated GIFs, Multiple sound resources (the name of “BEAR” and the “environmental sound” it makes (such as growl, clawing, or “pounce”).

(Silver Man) #92

Hi, my name is Igor. (20y.o.)
I’m from Russia.
I’m learning English language
My memrise ID is Silver_man, my ranked is memmoth :yum:
Follow me :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(M.Beser Ates) #93

Hi I am Beser from Istanbul Turkey. I want to improve my English. I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot. my memrise ID is zamane34

(Kazii) #94

My name is Kazii! I’m from the US, but I love to travel :slight_smile:
I’m learning Japanese with Memrise and with other sources as well. It’s difficult, so if anyone wants to practice with me, let me know! We can both improve!
I’m glad to be a part of this fun community.

(Geil) #95

Hallo! Servus zusammen!

My mem ID is ‘‘Geil’’. I’m a native English speaker from Texas. I’m B2 in German trying to keep my skills sharp and perhaps reach C1. I’m learning Russian for giggles. I started a new verb course for German as I find most of the current verb courses pretty bare. Verbs are practically everything in german, so I wanted to make a verb course that gives the learner a more complete verb library.

(Ирина (Irina)) #96

I’m Iliya from the US. I used to be “Mutinous” on Memrise, but I recently changed to “Iliiya”. I’m learning Russian A1, and holding off on Japanese (JLPT N4), Chinese (HSK 1), Latin (A1), and Spanish (B1/B2) for a while. I’ve been active on Memrise since June 2015 (currently a Meminence), and very enthusiastic about studying Russian.

(Lucya) #97

Heya, my ID on memrise is LuLus_Lovelys. I’m learning Japanese, I plan to learn other languages as well. I’m currently ranked as Mempee.

(Tomtitium Ii) #98

hello (: my memrise ID is tomtitiumII.

i’m a memmoth, from germany, currently learning russian and norwegian and trying to get used to spanish again.

feel free to add me, i would be happy to get some followers and of course i follow back :blush:

(Merry Hat Man) #99

Hi, I’m Martyn and my Memrise ID is MerryHatMan. I’m mainly learning Spanish and have got through the A1 and A2 courses plus various others. I’m also working my way slowly through the French courses and have taken some non-language courses such as capital cities

(namyu) #100

Hello everyone!

My Memrise ID is sungyeolist and I’m learning Korean, Spanish and Italian. So far I speak 4 languages, which are German, Turkish, English and Latin (that is if you count Latin as a language). My mother language is Turkish/German, hence I apologise for any grammatical mistakes I might do or have done!
I’ve been on memrise for quite a while now, my rank is Membrain.

(Sabina23) #101

Hello everyone!

My name is Sabina and I’m currently learning Italian. I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia and I’m still living here :smiley: I’m learning Italian mostly because I have a lot of Italian friends and we need to communicate, and also because I love the language and how it sounds. My memrise ID is sabina 23 and I’m ranked as Memonist. :slight_smile:

(Overlord Hydroptère) #103

this being one of the users name that is just disgusting and silly? how old are you, 7?

@MemriseMatty, @Joshua, do we have to see such user name in here?

edit: I see that the user changed his name … it use to be f**kingmylittlesister (or something)