Who are you and what is your Memrise ID?

(Aya Avyva) #62

@JoThelan I like your profile pic :slight_smile: that is one of my favourite movies of all time …

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. …”

Excuse me while I go watch the movie again :smiley:

(Jo Thelan) #63

Haha, yes exactly! :heart_eyes_cat: I think he’s probably my favorite character of all time!

(Ju2gle) #64

Hi, I’m from Austria and I love learning languages.

I speak German natively and English pretty well. I am particularly interested in Finnish and Egyptian Arabic, two less-popular languages, and I am learning them with Memrise and other ressources. :slight_smile: Sometimes I can be pretty lazy with my learning, but the curiosity for languages and their beauty always pulls me back :wink:

I hope you’re having a good time and as much fun here as I do :wink:

(Fiona64) #65

Hi, everyone. Fiona64, studying Kouri-Vini (currently a Memocrat). I’m studying the language as part of my research for a novel I’m writing. Glad to be here!

(Shane R Scott87) #66

My name is Shane. Here, I am ShaneRScott87. I’m a new user of this app and website. So far, I’m impressed. I’m learning the Filipino language for two reasons. In no particular order, because they could both be #1, I’ve wanted to have a second language since I was 18 or so. My wife is Filipino, so it makes sense to learn. She is fluently bilingual in Filipino and English and I want to be also.
I’ve been learning for too long to say while making little progress, and watching Filipino TV or movies I’m only annoyed because I have just enough vocabulary to pick up the dialogue sometimes.
I know this kind of app can’t lead to fluency on its own, but armed with more vocabulary, fluency will come by exposure. This app seems like the best I’ve found yet and my thanks to the developers. I will be subscribing when I can.

(Melgenel) #67

Hi there!
I think, my Memrise ID can be seen well, so I’ll just say I’m from Kiev, I’m 18 and I’m already a Membassador (which makes me proud of myself, and yes, I’m not shy at all :wink:)! I’m studying so much and willing to study even more (practically everything). For me Memrise is an outstanding opportunity not to waste my free time, study more, explore the world and just have fun. Good luck to everybody and have a nice day)

(Anna Domina) #68

Hello, my username and Memrise ID is AnnaDomina. I’m Irish and learning Irish and French. I’m also interested in Manx. My current rank is Membassador.

(Hallgat89) #69

My name is Adam, my Memrise ID is the same as my forum ID. (I also use this ID everywhere because I’m a boring person) I’m from Hungary. I started using Memrise because I was feeling depressed and I needed a hobby.

I am learning Italian, because I have spent a year in Italy as a student and haven’t learn anything from the language. I want to fix that. Ididn’t have money to travel around, so I want to check back some time.
I am learning Japanese too because it sounds cute, and it is fun to learn thousands of strange symbols. (not joking, for some reason it is really fun)

I usually do 4 courses parallel, and like to note every new word in a wordbook with a fountain pen. (it is also strangely satisfying) I became a Membrain in 40 days after I started using this site.

(Laween) #70

My name is Laween, My memrise ID is my forum ID. I’m from London ,UK, I started using Memrise to learn Korean. I want make many friends while i learn this wonderful language. I look forward to meeting you
Thank you

(Tigger566368) #71

Hello!!! I’m Danya, I’m 16, and I’m from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. My id on memrise is DagilMasenka
One day, I was searching for foreign-language study program, and now I’m here!
I’m learning French and English(upgrading my English)
I wanna to find new friends here, so if you wanna chat, write to me on moiseenkoda1971@gmail.com
Привет, русские, если вы здесь!
Best wishes and happy learning!

(Cruxiscrystal) #72

Hi hi, I am Cruxis… pleased to meet you! I am from the Caribbean where the native language is English. I am new to memrise and this community. I am currently using memrise to learn Japanese and hopefully to learn other languages such as Chinese Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, French and even German. I’m excited to learn new languages, as well as looking forward to meeting you all! :smile: :sunny:

(Deyan15) #73

Hi I’m also from England and relate to your experience of learning language in school. Basically they taught us that we couldn’t learn foreign languages except for the gifted one or two in the class. It wasn’t until I got a job in another country that I discovered that actually it was possible to communicate - accuracy didn’t matter, if I couldn’t buy food I was going to starve!

(Suzecate) #74

Hello! Suzanne in California here (username: suzecate). I’m new to the forum and only really got into Memrise a couple weeks ago but am already a Memocrat (~650k points currently). German is far and away my main focus (I just started German 4) as I’m in a 90-day language challenge, but I’ve been doing a few minutes a day in Hebrew and Arabic; bonus: they make German look super easy. :wink: I studied a lot of languages when I was an undergrad a million years ago, but I’ve since lost everything but the French.

(Ι) #75

Hi, my name’s Ι (or 11111 I guess :confused: ). I started Memrisin’ 2 or 3 years ago to supplement my French studies; since then I’ve enjoyed learning a little bit of Spanish and German but right now I’m focusing on Arabic. Some of my favourite courses are also maths-, geography- and memory-based. This forum is all a bit new to me, but it looks like a great place to meet other people who use the site.

:vulcan: pleased to meet you :vulcan:

I also enjoy making courses of my own; my current six range from a 6-hour A-level geography course to a shorter, 21-minute ear training one (funnily enough, that’s the only one that ever took off to any degree).

I don’t study language at school anymore, so Memrise has become more of a hobby for when I can find the time. At the moment I’m a couple of hundred thousand points off of the Membassador rank.

(Céid) #76

Hey, I’m Céid and I’m from the US. I have tried Memrise out in the past but never got the hang of it. But recently I’ve really gotten into it and have been very active the past two months. I’ve already complete several courses, including Memrise’s French 1-7 courses and some others in French, Scottish Gaelic, Irish and Italian.

My main interests are Celtic languages and French. I know Scottish Gaelic and French at a B2-C1 level and Memrise has been great for reviewing and drilling some basic stuff and vocab in those languages. I also am learning Breton and Italian, and using both languages to “ladder” French (using French-language resources for those languages to improve my French at the same time). And I know a bit of Irish–I finished the Duolingo Irish tree and the Teach Yourself Complete Irish. Right now Irish is not a main focus so I just am doing some basic Irish stuff on Memrise so I don’t forgot what I know. When I have the time and motivation I sometimes study other languages–too many to list here!

(Ichigo Smof) #77

I’m IchigoSmof. Currently 4,138,661 points. No real ambition to get more points, but some ambition to learn Japanese.

(evans, keefer) #78

'o my memrise id is o0000o my name is evans, keefer…my email is oo0080oo@yahoo.com…I’ve got a small autobio on my memrise site
but, most importantly, I am very happy and honored to be a part of the memrise community forum
the best to you always
o0000o (; 'o

(Oz Pingouin) #79

Hello. I’m OzPingouin from Australia. I’m learning more French for fun and in the hope that I’ll return for my 5th visit to France sometime soon. I’m really enjoying the learning process through Memrise. I know there have been problems with it during the last few days but we all need to be patient while they work to resolve the issues. This is Cyberland and there will be glitches from time to time. All the very best to everyone on their learning journey. It’s a whole lot of fun and education has a value that is immeasurable. It’s something I never want to take for granted.

(evans, keefer) #80

how very good to meet you good folk at memrise community forum
my name is Evans, Keefer/Keith
I true received a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from San Francisco Art Institute, 1992, and attended graduate school, Fine Arts, at California State University at Long Beach, 1992-1995
I worked for Goodwill Industries of San Diego County from 2001-2013
my Memrise ID is
at Memrise, I am learning Galician, Portuguese, and Basque
how great to get to know you

(Radin7n) #81

Hello Guys
This feels awesome… I’m learning French and English.
i’m from IRAN and really happy to know u guys even if no one read these :))))

and my ID : Radin7n