Who are you and what is your Memrise ID?

(Jo Schmo Myers) #42

Hi, I’m Jo, my Memrise ID is JoSchmo.

I’m English and learning Norwegian, Spanish and Japanese mainly. I learnt a bit of Italian and Portuguese for when I went to Italy and Portugal. I am a Membrain currently. I’m on Duolingo too but prefer Memrise.

I’m learning Spanish because it is what I learnt in school and would hate to forget it.
Learning Norwegian and Japanese because they are both highly interesting and are places I would absolutely love to go to in the future. Already have my Norway/Sweden/Iceland/Finland trip planned… :slight_smile: I love learning languages and this helps to motivate me. I also want to surprise my Spanish and Japanese speaking friends.

(Little Spock) #43

Hi Friends, my name is Mia from Germany and my Memrise ID is LittleSpock. I am currently learning turkish and just learned about this great forum.

Just wanted to say thank you to all the people, who created many wonderful courses and memrise itself! :heart:


(Dauglos) #44

Hi, My name is Douglas and my ID is dauglos. I’ve been using Memrise for a few years now but I just thought I’d check out the forums and say Hi! I really love this site and it was invaluable for learning Italian. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site!

(Myles) #45

Snakker du norsk? Jeg snakker litt norsk. Du heter amanda-NORSKen :smiley:

(Myles) #46

My name is Myles and I have been learning a few languages for almost two years. However. I would consider myself to be jack of all trades, master of none :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I started with French in December 2014, switched to Spanish, then to Norwegian all in less than two years. I started learning Norwegian because my cousins wanted to learn it and move to Norway, but they gave up with the language maybe because they didn’t want to put a lot of effort into learning a language where (most of) the people of Norway already speak English. Anyway, I kept learning for a while with my brother which was fun because we could talk anywhere and nobody would know what we were saying. However, that is also the reason why I have stopped Norwegian for the moment: it’s not very useful/applicable to life in the United States if I don’t have plans to go to Norway. I have started to learn Spanish again (with Duolingo and Memrise) because it is the most useful and my grandma spoke it to me as a kid for my first few years, so it’s not too difficult for me. Also my abuelita (grandma) is still alive and so I want to use her as a resource while I can!

I went off quite a bit there. TDLR: I’ve been learning languages for almost two years and am now learning Spanish!

(Amanda Norrsken) #47

Jag heter “amanda-norrsken”

If you look very closely at my name, you will see that it is made of two parts: NORR and SKEN.

The “norr” part refers to the north and the “sken” part is related to the English word “shine”. The word is Swedish and means “the northern lights” - i.e. what we also call the aurora borealis. I am from the north of England and consider myself quite a bright lass, so calling myself “amanda-northernlights” seemed quite appropriate :slight_smile:

Are you now able to speak Spanish with your grandma?

(Myles) #48

I can sort of talk like a small child, without being able to talk about this past and not being able to talk about my feelings.

(Just a regular user) #49

Wow, someone who speaks Estonian :relaxed:

(Johnthe Finn) #50

Well, living as I do only 50 miles from Tallinn…

(DW7) #51

Hi @Nathalie3,

I’m an Italian native-speaker . . .

I have sent you a PM asking if you’d be willing to help on some of the Italian courses I’m supporting.

(James Rogersondf19) #52

Hi I’m James from England.

I’ve lived here all my life and have been learning other languages since I was 5 starting with French. We went to France when I was 10 with school and I could hold my own wandering round town for the day.

I was forced to learn it again from scratch at secondary school as it was rare for kids then to have done French already and teacher destroyed my confidence so I never bothered again with French.

I then started learning German a couple of years later, but after the French teacher had killed my love of languages completely so I never got too far. Did a bit of Spanish in college because we had to, but never cared for it too much. I always wanted to learn Swedish or Norwegian etc.

I stumbled across memrise the other day and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. I’ve been learning Icelandic and really love it so far.

Hopefully sometime in the future I will visit Iceland and be able to us what I learn here.


(Just a regular user) #53

HI! I’m a native Estonian. Who else besides @JohntheFinn can speak somewhat Estonian

(DW7) #54

Hi @Dauglos (& @Nathalie3)

Hi! I really love this site and it was invaluable for learning Italian.

Just to let you know I am supporting quite a lot of Italian courses:


and this is the link to post any comments about Italian courses:


(A User) #55

Hi! I’m A_User, here, on Memrise, and on Duolingo, which I also use for language learning. I’m currently a Mempee on Memrise. I’m also often called Tigger or Tigs (or some similar variation), feel free to use any name you want for me. :slight_smile:

I learn French, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, and try to learn a few more at the same time, especially Slavic languages.

I recommend Memrise and Duolingo to anyone I know who wants to learn languages. I also like using cross languages, when possible. For instance, once my Russian is more advanced I’ll be doing a course that teaches French for Russian speakers. It’s a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

(Myles) #56

Awesome! It would be cool if one day someone needed a Spanish to Norwegian or Norwegian to Spanish course… Then maybe I could sharpen up my Norwegian :slight_smile:


Some already exist. You’ll find them here: http://www.memrise.com/courses/spanish/norwegian/

(A User) #58

The Norwegian is a good idea, but the Spanish part I’d be terrible at. :smiley: I did a few lessons of the Duolingo Catalan for Spanish speakers, and half the time I didn’t know which language I was translating into which. :smiley: So I think I’ll save Spanish <-> Norwegian courses until I speak better Spanish.

By the way, as of sometime yesterday I’m now a Memcache. :slight_smile:

(Ravyre) #59

I always see new posts in this thread, but I apparently haven’t posted yet. Whoops. :sweat_smile:

I’m Ravyre and I live in England. :flag_gb:
I’ve been on this new Memrise forum since sometime in May but I’ve been part of Memrise since February 2014.
I finally managed to achieve the Membassador rank last month! :trophy:

I’ve been learning Japanese on and off for quite a few years (too many years), but I’ve only been putting in hard effort this year.
During Christmas of last year, I told myself that from January1st , I’m going to learn 15 new words a day, every day, until December the 31st. I wanted to see how much I could achieve.
I’m really proud to say that 225 days later, I haven’t faltered yet, but it’s a shame that I didn’t start my daily goal counter on the 1st, as my badge is only 220. I’m still super proud of myself, irregardless. :smile:

I recommend Memrise to everyone I know who wants to learn a language; it’s one of my most favourite study platforms. :heart:
I’m so grateful to the Memrise team for making an excellent, free, study environment and I owe a lot to the course creators for the time and effort they put in to create really excellent study materials. :sparkling_heart:

TL;DR - I’m Ravyre, I’ve been a Memrise user for 2 and a half year and I’m championing Japanese like a winner! :wink: :muscle:

(Katianton) #60

Heyy I’m Kati, 14 and from Germany :yum:

I already added some of you to get some kind of motivational competition going, don’t take it too serious though! ^^

Feel free to add me, I don’t bite :grin:
Have a great day everybody!

(Jo Thelan) #61

Hi, I’m Jo and my Memrise ID is JoThelan. My current rank is Memblem. I am an English speaker who lives in the French side of Belgium and works in the Flemish side, mainly with Spanish and Bulgarian speakers. How’s that for confusing! :slight_smile:

I didn’t start any serious language learning until I was a bit older, so for now, I’m mainly focusing on French. Hopefully one day I will feel confident enough to move onto a second language. So far, I have learned French mostly through Duolingo and French classes that I started shortly after I arrived in Belgium. I’ve had a Memrise account for quite some time, but haven’t used it much in the past. But I’d really like to build my vocabulary more, and I think that this will be the place to do so.