Who are you and what is your Memrise ID?

Hello I am Sir Cemloud, my ID on memrise is Sircemloud. Membassador since recently. I Teach Chinese to French users on Memrise and teach English in real life as a side thing.

I learn German and Chinese on Memrise, I prefer to learn in English as I have more resources available that way.

I encourage my students to use Memrise and also to use cross languages if possible to do so. For example learn beginner’s German through English if they are french with good to intermediate English.


I’m ChiewPang here, there and everywhere :wink:

I’m also a Membassador and an EFL teacher by profession.

On Memrise, I’ve created English, Spanish and Italian courses, all with clear, loud audio, and I’m doing Italian, Indonesian, French and German courses.


I’m pretty sure your memrise ID shows up at the top of every comment you make here, just like on the old forums. Unless someone has found a way to pick a different username here than on the rest of memrise? I hope that cannot be done; it would be good to know that people’s names here are the same as on the rest of memrise.


I am amanda-norrsken. I am learning Swedish on memrise. I was born and bred in England, but came to Germany in 1988. I teach English here in Germany, which is why you might see me answering questions on the A1 and A2 German courses. I studied German in the UK and in 1992 received a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists in London.

I am learning Swedish to see what it is like - again - to learn a language from scratch and to find out what opportunities the internet offers for learning a language.

I am also a course contributor for some of the Swedish courses on memrise.


I am Virgil Iordache. I am learning Chinese, Cantonese and several other languages on Memrise.
My memrise ID is Virgil_Iordache94 and I’m currently ranked as Meminence. :smiley:


I changed my Memrise name and the next time I logged in on the forums, my name here was changed too. So yeah, your Memrise name and your forum name will always be the same as far as I can tell.

I’m just learning German currently, but I hope to learn a lot of Germanic languages over time. Especially Icelandic. I once had my Star Wars Aurebesh course which merely took a few hours to make shared by Memrise via the Memrise Facebook page, and that’s my only claim to fame.


Hello, I’m Kaylan! I’m ranked as Meminence, and am mainly focusing on learning Irish, Japanese, Modern Greek, Welsh, and German on Memrise. I have been on Memrise for about 3 years on and off, and like to make courses but it’s rare I’m satisfied enough to publish them, haha.


I am Morten Kilsholm, just startet learning New testament greek 3 weeks ago. I am from Denmark - so that’s why my english grammar/spelling is what it is :blush:


Hello @mortenkilsholm, I think your English grammar and spelling is very good. It’s way better than my French which I’ve been learning for ages! Best wishes.


Hello, I’m Hilal from Libya, I joined Memrise mainly to learn Japanese but now I’m also using this site to improve my English and check out some medical courses since I’m a medical student, the reason I’m learning Japanese is simply because I’m interested in Japanese language and culture.


Hi everyone! It’s nice to meet you all. I’m Willow, a Membrain Japanese studier and course creator. I absolutely love and support the work that Memrise is doing, telling just about everyone I know about this site/application.

IRL I am a UI/UX designer and front-end developer for websites. I am blessed enough to be working here in Japan where I can put everything I learn to good use.

Check out some of my Japanese courses if you are interested:
Surviving the Japanese Bank ( beginner to advanced bank related words )
Useful Japanese Words with sound ( beginner to intermediate vocabulary )
Remembering the Kanji ( a work in progress for this one. Adding new chapters constantly. )


Hi everyone,
My name is Jack and I am from Norway.

I speak 4 languages, Norwegian, Chinese, English and Japanese.
My native language is Chinese mandarin.

I don’t know why my ID is 111 on the forum… however my memrise ID is “Aixufey”


Hi everyone! I go by icytwilight or Rin and I’m learning Japanese. I’m a native English speaker and have a few courses posted on memrise. My courses here are under icytwilight if you would like to check them out.

Here are links for my two popular Japanese courses:

Remembering the Kanji

Human Japanese Intro


Hi, I am known by my username as fusil24… I have been a member for a couple of years, and I love learning new languages in fact my whole bookshelf is filled with books on lots of different languages. What I love the most about learning new languages, is the challenge of trying to learn it and the reward of being able to use it to speak with others. I am currently focused on learning Spanish but I hope to learn other languages later on.


Hi I am DW7, a long-standing member, course creator, contributor and curator or custodian of abandoned courses, as well as being very active in all the past forums, making suggestions and comments (and now I’m active in this one!).

For more information, either see my Community Forum description by clicking on my name and click expand (if necessary) which should take you to this page:

or go to the learning area and look at my profile and courses, by using this link.



Hi Jack 111, I think you may have typed it into your profile by mistake.

I think you have your MemRise name then a space to type what you want to be called here.

Go to your profile and look at your name and description page and see if you can change it.

Ask if you need help.


I’m Linus, 16 & from Germany. :slight_smile:

I use Memrise to improve my English, but I’m also able to translate some Greek (old) & Latin. A few friends of mine use it for the same purpose.

If you’re also working on your English skills, why not connect & push each other?! :smiley:

Have an awesome day, Linus. =)


I am Maxine_Downunder, a devoted Memrise user (maybe slightly addicted - LOL). I am currently at Meminence level and on my way to Memperor. My main focus is French though I do dabble in a couple of other areas for variety’s sake.

Edited: My name is now: MaxineDownunder. I am now a contributor to a number of French courses while still learning myself.


I am Kaspian. I’ve been on Memrise for almost three years now. Initially, I used Memrise to study Spanish, but for the last year and a half, I’ve been focused on German and Turkish.

Happy Language Learning!! :wink:


¡Hi! My nick is ‘alexdumas’ and my real name is Emilio. I am from Spain and as you can see I am a real beginner in Memrise, I seem your project really interesting and helpful for those who study a foreign language, I have finally decided to support your project and I have become a member of this club.

Please, if you need me to give you a hand, I would be really interested in offering my help. At the moment, I usually use the mobile application (Android) and the web aplication.

Best wishes, Emilio