while learning stage there's no picture exist, Instead there's a link comes out

Hello dear amazing memerise administration, There is a small problem that I didn’t discove the reason behind it … that I’m creating an Anatomy course for the society to Benefit them … for medicine student or any other medical department
So when I’m creating a word related to a picture
while learning stage there’s no picture exist, Instead there’s a link comes out .
Like the picture in the attachment
and here’s the course link :-

like this

This corresponds to a bug I reported a little while ago, see this thread, see #10 on the list. FWIW, this problem is app-related (I know about Android, not sure about iPhones), meaning it will not be a problem when you use the website version.

Yes. This bug is also affecting the iOS app. I’m just about to post an example under the iOS bugs topic for good measure. I noticed that MemriseMatty has already passed your list to the Android team. Hopefully, they’ll fix it soon.

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