Which is better? App or Browser version?

I’m new to Memrise and usually do everything on my MacBook, but it seems like some stuff is not loading. I get an error message and then am directed to a not-very helpful link that seems to hint that I have to use the app on my phone or tablet.

I don’t really want to add ANOTHER app to my phone or tablet, but it seems like I may have to.

What are your experiences?

I have both versions of the app but prefer the web version. For those on the move, I guess the app has major advantages but if, like me, you do most of your learning from a settled base, I find I learn better using my laptop. I prefer typing my answers from a conventional keyboard (using the excellent all typing userscript where necessary).

I use the site daily and I haven’t had any issues with things not loading on the web version (Windows 10 and Chrome). Is it a particular course that you are having difficulties accessing?


Thanks for your response. The problem may be that I’m on a Mac and using Firefox. I tried Chrome and it seems to work better.

I’m trying to use a Spanish language set created by BaseLang.

Thanks again for your help!

Peace and all good.


I’ve only been using memrise for just shy of 2 weeks now but from what i’ve seen they both have their own ups and downs,

App Pros:

  1. Audio messages / videos feel like they load quicker.
  2. Much more portable being on a phone.
  3. The UI feels much less cluttered and easier to navigate for a newer member.

App Cons:

  1. Personally I’ve found a slower response time on mobile but could very well be down to the person
  2. Adding yet another app to your phone. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  3. There seems to be no easy way to check the leaderboards without doing a lesson.

Web Pros:

  1. Seemingly much wider selection of courses to learn including non-language courses.
  2. More detailed learning statistics page including time spent learning and average response times at different times of day.
  3. Seemingly the only place to create groups for learning with friends

Web Cons:

  1. No dark mode. :cry:
  2. It seems that premium users are unable to download courses offline on the web version but it’s enabled in the app.
  3. The streak clock is kinda all over the place and can never be sure where you are on your streak. (It’s usually within a day or so either way though)

I understand most of these are based on personal experience and I’m willing to edit anything that is completely false and I’ve just not found an option somewhere or something but this is the best I can do for now, I hope it helps. :innocent:

I’m currently learning French using the official memrise course set.

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i am using now memrise on a ubuntu laptop and i find it extraordinarily fast in comparison with windows 10 (of course firefox), images and audio load instantly, the dark mode is supplied by ubuntu and firefox, the rest… a web version with an offline mode would be more like a standalone software, i think

and yes, i’ve been using memrise for… 8 years now? and still cannot befriend the phone app

Thanks for taking the time to give your valuable feedback. What is “dark mode”?

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Basically, it’s ‘white on black’ instead of ‘black on white’ and is preferred by some people when using a device in low light conditions or at nightime. It can help avoid eyestrain. The Memrise apps have it but not the website. It’s described in this other forum topic:

I use the f.lux app on my laptop for when I’m using it in low light conditions. It’s different to ‘dark mode’ in that it ajusts the amount of blue light coming from the screen depending on the ambient light I’m working in.


Here I was imagining some kind of clandestine option…I’ve been watching too many spy movies! Thanks for clearing that up and giving me a chance to laugh (at myself, but it still feels goo).




@CoraCecilia Apologies for the late response, as you’ve already gotten an answer, I won’t expand too much more but instead link to the “apple interface guidelines for dark mode” as an example https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/ios/visual-design/dark-mode/

Hi @CoraCecilia,

Sorry to hear about your bug incident. We mostly develop on Macs here and we have a few Firefox fans so we definitely should be fixing that issue for you.

Do you have any more details to help us fix it for you?

James, developer at Memrise