Where will everyone go after the Death of Memrise?

(Thomas Heiss) #41

Isn’t it only an one-time payment of $24.99 according to the Apple store?

Even the Memrise Pro, Duolingo Plus, Mondly or Lingvist subscriptions are much more expensive!


You could try SuperMemo and see if this fits you any better, but I have no idea about the Windows application or IOS/Android app costs.

Also I have no idea how to export Memrise courses (keeping your progress / learning streak/SR data) to SuperMemo.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #42

I just took a quick glance at a Memorion video tutorial. It might be something I could get used to. What I liked very much is the grade-feature, which means that you can tell the app how good (or bad) you think you remember a word (or phrase?), that’s something I’ve been missing in Memrise very much!

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(Overlord Hydroptère) #43

I started building myself an alternative to memrising some 8-10 months ago, i.e. a piece of software ressembling the old memrise website…

I will learn with memrise until a) “decks” gets unusable for me, even with userscripts or b) I fall in love with “my own” piece of software ( not made personally by myself, but for myself) (which thing might happen, but didn’t yet) or c) i get completely fed up with memrise, decks, alternatives to it, srs in general (which for sure will happen in the moment i feel that my asian languages vocab are ok)

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(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #44

I would like to build my own app too.I’m a computer science student.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #45

it is something portable, i.e. 0,7- 0,8 gb on a stick for the time being; not an android app (I have no android devices), but something basically portable; was made initially only for linux distributions compatible with capacitive screens (other then android :rofl:)

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(khx333) #46

I would look at Flutter for cross-platform new mobile dev development.

(Vikestart) #47

I prefer learning on the web version as well, because of the typing tests where you don’t have a small selection of letter-buttons that give away the translation. On the web version, you really do have to remember the word and type it in all on your own. So it’s better for learning.

But I’m not always at home where I can access my computer, so losing access to the community created courses in the app is still a huge loss.

I’m okay with Decks being it’s own “thing”, while the real problem is that it will not be an app. The should make an app for Decks and monetize it somehow. Pro features should not be free in Decks.

Hell, I’d be fine with an entire Decks app being locked behind the Pro subscription if it meant we’d get an app at all.

(Drifterprof) #48

“…we did come to this decision after a careful analysis of how and where community-created content is being learned, which is overwhelmingly online

I doubt the statistical validity of that statement. My Samsung phone and tablet will not download my Memrise courses to use offline because the devices don’t have a required recent version of Android (updates not available). So I have been forced to use online version. It is not honest to claim that statistics imply people overwhelmingly prefer to learn the community-based courses online – when a significant amount of the usage data may be due to the fact that in many cases Memrise does not have competent technical staff to make off-line mode possible.

I think a better statistic would be to ask paying users if the main reason they were subscribing was to use the community based courses. I doubt that admin wants to acknowledge that kind of data.

Luckily my subscription was due in March so I was able to cancel. I would be very pissed off if I had bought a lifetime subscription, or was outside the refund window after having just re-subscribed.

Changed my rating to 1 star on the Google Play Store.

Note: I find it somewhat odd that as a “new” poster, I was limited to 3 comments on the forum originally announcing the change. I doubt that gagging customer opinion is effective in a business like this.

(T0panka) #49

You can change the keyboard for full version in app

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(Thomas Heiss) #50

Oh, Memrise community forum software limits comments from new signed-up users?

This is just GREAT!!!

If you want to see a forum discussion software repeatingly fail and to OPEN all doors to spammers and robots for mass commenting in a very short time, you can take a look on the Duolingo discussions.

Even with the introduction to e-mail verification new users (who signed up some hours, 1-7 days, weeks ago) have full access once they pass the level 2 in a language; for the Educators and Troubleshooting forums these can even be accessed on the basic level 1.

I (and many other users) got TONS of e-mails in our inbox to subscribed threads after robots posted to HUNDREDS of threads and there is quite a lot of ABUSE from new users going on.

There even is no spam / abuse report button.


It is IMHO a very good thing to an existing community and to prevent any attacks when NEW user accounts are set - firewall alike - with a thread and comment ratio per second / minute / hour and that you firstly have to progress up in forum ranks that more functionality is unlocked.

I very much welcome any active protection mechanisms like this on the Memrise community forum!

(Drifterprof) #51

“Oh, Memrise community forum software limits comments from new signed-up users? This is just GREAT!!!”

It’s not “just great” if people want to express their views about how Memrise has precipitously, without warning or pro-rated compensation, changed the system people have signed up and paid for.

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(Vikestart) #52

How do you do that?

I’ve already disabled “tapping” in the app, but I can’t find any option to replace the limited keyboard with a full one.

I mean, I can tap on the field where you write the answer or click on the keyboard icon and my phone’s full keyboard will pop up, but Memrise’s limited selection of letters are still there and they kinda give away the answer.

(Thomas Heiss) #53

Is that on the Android app?

I heard that the Memrise IOS app supports the keyboard toggle a bit better (never tested it personally).

I have seen the limitations of the Memrise Android app in the KOPlayer Android emulator and I have to agree.

Developers should enhance this and make it configurable if you want or need to see hints (even then hints could be made fully optionally by pressing a HINT button when you are really stucked typing the full phrase/sentence.

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(Vikestart) #54

Yeah, it’s the Android app.

It’s really bad, I can’t avoid looking at those letters for a brief millisecond, and accidentally make out the answer, not necessarily because I remember it, but because I see it in the letters that are available.

There needs to be added an option to disable this. Or at least put a lot more letters in there so it isn’t so obvious. OR put the letters at the bottom of the screen, not the middle, so that they’re not as close to the word at the top. That would make it easier to ignore them while you think of the answer.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #55

Not an alternative but Beelinguapp let you practice with audio books.

(T0panka) #56

I cant check it now and make screenshot since i already deleted Memrise but yeah i was using it on iOS and there was definitely option to swap the typing area for full keyboard not add on top of that. That is really really weird and looks more like bug IMO

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(40 Shades of Green) #57

So, it looks like I need to say thanks to Memrise for making me look for alternatives. Anki may have a slightly steep learning curve but managing the decks is much more flexible and easier than in Memrise and I love the fact that I can modify the cards as I please. Plus, it works offline as well.
I might keep Memrise for the official courses if they don’t give me a refund but I’m definitely moving to Anki with my main studying now!

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(khx333) #58

Well, if I was the SW engineering manager I would say: let’s just branch the existing mobile apps and hard-wire the URLs to the ‘decks’ ip addresses and do some routine fixing for OS releases from time to time. And charge the users for this Docks mobile app. Easy money. While we move all new feature development to the existing main source code base.

PS: Even if I would really like them to fix the sync-course bug that has been present in the mobile apps for a very long time.

(khx333) #59

Another option is to make convert the web site to PWA (Progressive Web App) with local sqlite storage for off-line mode. Would take some more work, though.

(Davebarnes) #60

Glossika is a lot more expensive than Memrise. $300/yr vs $30/yr.
Glossika does not have a course in Euskara.

I learn languages for vacation trips which typically last from 10-22 days in a country.