Where will everyone go after the Death of Memrise?

(Wmr) #21

I have an account already with Fluent Forever, so will be using that. Also, love Duolingo and Anki. I used Anki before Memrise launched, so I will just go back to it.

(Jarmanso7) #22

Anki is a completely different product from Memrise. You can export any memrise course into Anki and continue learning it there.

(Lucas Heber) #23

I would go with Anki. It has an app, moreover it is opensource, that means you will never be betrayed by a greedy company attitude and risk lose your courses.

(Crazy Dave2345) #24

I will probably use Tinycards, Quizlet, or just have no way to learn at all. Anki mobile is too expensive.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #25

Anki mobile is too expensive.
Too bad for you it’s free on android.

(Hurricanechild) #26

Didn’t work for me. Add language only told me I had to pay for premium, and the only time I got the option to pick a language was upon installation. I don’t mind, I uninstalled it now, whatever. I had it briefly because I thought I could import a spreadsheet, but that didn’t work either.

I gave Tinycards another go and I think I might stick with it as a Duo companion for now, but there’s still a lot it’s lacking.

I like Drops, but it’s very different and I would only recommend it if you already have a bit of a foundation in the language. Once you do it’s fun to play.

(Ejsinc) #27

I’ll just continue using anki. Only came to Memrise for the community decks but I’ll just download them to anki and use them there. Offline mode as standard, free on laptop and android, cheaper than a memrise subscription to by the app on apple. It’s also more intuitive with greater freedom of creation

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #28

You have installed something different (there are several Anki apps).

Try this:

(Hurricanechild) #29

We were talking about Lexilize, not Anki, but thanks anyway. I’m still trying to get used to Anki.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #30

I’ll try supermemo

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #31

I finally found the perfect alternative to me the app name is Memorion
The most important features in my opinion are

  • 7 game mode : Match-em - Pick One - Listen Up,Number Me,Pick Gender,Type It,Spell Me,Hang’Em and Just Listen
  • 8 text fields per card
  • Card stacks can be downloaded from Anki, Quizlet and Office file
  • Fully integrated dictionaries
  • Multi users

(Amanda Norrsken) #32

Sounds interesting! As a teacher of English and German, I am always interested to hear about this kind of thing.

(40 Shades of Green) #33

I’ll keep using the Memrise app offline as long as it works (have already downloaded and backed up the courses and am not going to update the app any more) and then I’m cancelling my subscription and moving to Anki. Actually, I should be glad, I suppose: Anki is more customisable than Memrise, is open source, its SRS works much better, and it’ll save me some money, too…

(Prettynyguen) #34

I tried Drops last night, and the gamer in me got super addicted. It would definitely be a fun addition to everything else we’re learning with :slight_smile:

(Waffletoaster) #35

I am moving over anything I am working on to Anki due to the offline mode. Does anyone have experience with Quizlet? They have the courses I use for learning Japanese (based of the Genki books) and has an offline mode, you’d be paying yearly for it but it’s not as much as it was on Memrise for what I recall.

I might give Decks a go but I already know I will barely use it since it requires internet and because I worry how long it takes courses to load that use audio for every word.

(Amanda Norrsken) #36

I joined memrise before there was an app and I did just fine :smiley: Learnt 8,000+ Swedish words (well, pretty much that amount). I have always preferred the web version to the app version.

With any luck, they might bring back some old features, like the report button within the individual words that led you straight to the chat forum for that course. That was really cool.

(Samurai Catracho) #37

Today I started reviewing Quizzlet, Tiny Cards and Anki. I already have Flashcards by Chegg but I want a spaced-repetition program like Memrise. I still don’t know if any of this will will work offline. If Decks is an app that works online then I don’t care if it is separate from Memrise. I came for the official japanese course, but since I didn’t like, I stayed for the user created ones which I love.

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #38

Thanks for the heads up, this app is certainly not bad and has interesting features.

(Mthierst) #39

I would agree, the basic web version, without any of the bolted-on gamification and dumbing down provides quite decent learning.
I will miss the off-line usage of the app though for long journey (plane, underground, abroad w/o roaming etc)

(Wbuerst) #40

Isn’t one of the - unique - features of Memrise, the easy way to create - unforgettable - Mems?