Where will everyone go after the Death of Memrise?

(Prettynyguen) #1

I have cancelled my Pro Memrise account because I only use the community courses on my phone. I am currently searching for new language sites to learn Japanese. (I will gladly return to Memrise if they bring back community courses to the App). Where is everyone else going?

Users' guide to Memrise/Decks split up
(khx333) #2

Duolingo is one location, they have good reviews and innovate their UI constantly. Now, they don’t have a way to make custom courses which most of us are complaining about with the Memrise announcement to kill this feature with their mobile apps.

(Jprspereira) #3

Wanikani for Kanji.
Kitsun for vocab.

Duolingo is terrible for Japanese. Please don’t xD

(Davebarnes) #4

I don’t consider Duolingo nor Babbel as alternatives as the language selection is poor.
For example:
Duolingo does not have: Portugûes (European), Euskara, Slovene, Català, Español (México) which were 5 of my 6 most recent languages.
Babbel is the same.

(khx333) #5

Maybe we should lobby Duolingo to have a way to create curated group-based courses. You could tell them that the Memrise people would like to migrate over.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #6

Lexilize it doesn’t have community courses but I can export anki decks to that app.Plus the offline mode is free.I would like to create my personal language learning app one day.

(Prettynyguen) #7

Thank you, I have tried Duolingo as well, and found it very limiting. Hopefully Memrise will clue in.

(Relliot2) #8

What about Duolingo’s “Tiny Cards”?

(Thomas Heiss) #9

What is this?


Catalan is actually available on Duolingo only from Spanish (not English): https://www.duolingo.com/course/ca/es/Learn-Catalan

Catalan is also available on Glossika - for FREE:


Hi all,

by coincidence I found today, that some Glossika courses are offered for FREE - that is with no 1,000 reps cut on a registered / non-Pro subscription user account.


Catalan is among these listed FREE courses: https://ai.glossika.com/language/learn-catalan

Best regards / Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

(Dupens) #10

what do you mean by “anki decks”? I’m afraid that one day Memrise can kill Decks as well and would like to write a script to scrap courses, maybe wanna pair on this? I could also write an app, core features are pretty easy to implement.

(Prettynyguen) #11

I took a look at Tiny Cards, but they seem really limited as well. I love the quiz functions with the Memrise App (for the community courses).

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #12

Decks are collection of flashback on Anki.

(T0panka) #13

So far im all in Duolingo + Tinycards. Duolingo was always good for learning languages and i am working on creating my simple “courses” in Tinycards so i can move on from Memrise. Tinycards is just nice and simple app/web but it works for what i need at the moment.

I tried Anki but it is too complicated and need lot of work to do something with it. At least for me and I can spend that time learning new stuff. There is Anki addon to migrate Memrise courses to Anki so if you want something more complex i would go with Anki. I did migrate my Memrise stuff there already if i need it for future

I want to start with japanese soon so i prepared some japanese specific apps for it like “Human japanese”

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #14

Does Tinycards have offline mode?

(T0panka) #15

AFAIK if you go trough the “deck” it will be stored in your phone and you can use it later offline. I havent tried this yet because this is not that important for me

EDIT: just tried it. Force closed app, put airplane mode, start the app with “flags” deck and everything works, all the pictures are there

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #16

Offline mode is the reason why I’ll never use Decks

(Hurricanechild) #17

The thing I didn’t like about Tinycards was that it makes you type the English translation as well as he word you’re learning, and if you write “go, walk” instead of “walk, go” it’s wrong. You basically have to memorise the exact wording along with the word you’re actually learning, which annoyed me. But maybe they changed that, I haven’t used it for ages.

Duolingo isn’t really the same, it’s more than flashcards. I always used Duo and Memrise together, Memrise to learn the vocab and Duo to use it in a sentence.

I tried Lexilize and it looked good at first, but you can only use one language unless you pay, and for some reason you can’t change your one free language without uninstalling the app?

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #18

I was able to add language
Go to the setting menu
Click on Add language
Select the native and foreign language
Next to the search logo you can switch the language

(Amanda Norrsken) #19

I’m not leaving, I’m going to try out “Decks” :smiley:

(T0panka) #20

It is not that much about Decks being bad or whatever but the thing that it is dead on arrival. I mean there wont be any app, any new features, anything new at all. The course creation is already pretty mediocre because Memrise didnt care for a long time about community courses

So for me it is about future of my learning