Where is the sound?

Before I signed up I saw actual people repeating the words and phrases. Now all I see is print. Every once in a while a word has a sound icon, but rarely. Without hearing how these words and phrases sound it will be difficult to learn. I don’t see anywhere to fix this. What am I missing?

I believe that the “learn with locals” (or something like that) was only available in the official Memrise courses.
As for sound, not all community-created courses have sound. If a word/phrase has sound then you will get the sound icon. But if the course creator hasn’t added any, then you won’t.

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Thanks. I don’t know what I have done differently since I posted this question an hour ago but now I am getting sound. Maybe it was an activation issue or maybe I was in the wrong section. I don’t know but it is working now.

Some work and some don’t, I guess. I wish I could hear how all of the words and phrases sounded. A lot different than how they look on the page.

I just had a look at the course description of this course which I found through your profile.


“As such, I do NOT have the ability or permission to add audio.”

I can only presume that @worrybugger hasn’t been able to add audio to all the levels.


Thank you, rlkirby! That saves me a lot of time!