Where did my mems go?

I started using Memrise eight years ago, with periods of intense use for learning and teaching (I’m a teacher). During all these years, I created 271 mems (some of them, I’m proud to say, became quite popular). Well, today I decided to check my mems and I found out that, although the number between brackets after “created” is 271, the text below says “You haven’t created any mems yet! Oh no!” and no mems appear.

This, I believe, will not upset my rest tonight, but it is very annoying. :frowning:


Hi @Pilar_Pereira, (welcome back).

I think there was an issue with Mems, but I thought it had been rectified.
Perhaps others will remember.

@MemriseSupport, can you comment or investigate please?

Could you be more specific: were it mems for community/user created courses or official Memrise courses?

Just checked a dozen of official courses and have not found a single mem in them. On the contrary, in the first item of the first available community course were several mems at once.

FYI: for a long time Memrise team has been longing to eliminate or to somehow hide mems from public view, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it at last. They are not even including them in new preview mode, though promising to bring back.

Can someone see my mem for this item (una habitación individual)?



Strangely, both yes and no!

I can see it in the mems area of your profile (along with 17 pages of your other mems) but it’s not showing on the course page you linked to.

I also looked for a couple of mine in the Spanish (Spain) 2 course. I can see my mem for “subirse” in Level 8 of the newer version of this course (although no other items in that course have mems showing, which seems significant) and my mem for “las bragas” in Level 10 of the original version of this course (I have both versions on my dashboard). I made the first of these a couple of months ago and the second one a week ago. All my mems are showing in my profile, unlike for poor Pilar!


Thanks! I don’t see your “subirse” mem, too. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking: we can not see each other’s mems, at least not in the official courses (Way to go, Memrise! Another major step towards throwing the baby out with the bathwater).

As for Pilar, this is strange. I see that she created 271 mems, but none of them is showing. At the same time I see other people’s mems through the profile page.


I’ve been looking further at the official Spanish courses I’m doing.

In Spanish (Spain) 1, I can see mems for two items in Level 3 (“nada” and “la suerte” - not mems that I created or chose), one in Level 5 (“llevo” - my own mem) and one in Level 12 (“la racción” - my own mem). Nothing else.

In Spanish (Spain) 3, 4. and 5, I can see a single mem for each item throughout the course - they are not ones that I have chosen. I couldn’t find an entry with more than one mem showing.

In Spanish (Spain) 6, I can only see mems for two items in Level 1 (“gritar” and “Perdonar” - both are my own mems). Haven’t looked any further in that course.

Let’s hope we hear from the support team guys soon. I hope it’s only a bug and not a (misguided) intentional change. Without mems, they’ll have to rename the site “Rise” !!! :roll_eyes: I also hope they are able to recover Pilar’s mems for her!


Does any of this apply to user-created courses?

I have checked a couple of community courses I’m doing and saw a lot of mems there. By all appearances, thus far it affects official courses only.


Hi, DW7, thank you for the welcome note! :slight_smile:

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My mems were all created on user-created courses, as far as I remember. I created mems for Spanish, Norwegian and Portuguese courses, at least.

Why would they remove mems from the public view? That’s an awful idea!!! :disappointed:

As far as your mem for " una habitación individual", I couldn’t see it. It said it was “mempty” (a funny word, mempty).


Most likely your disappeared mems is a technical bug or something of that kind. Let’s wait and see what Memrise guys will say.

As for mems in general this is a thread from three years ago. I think mems is an annoying nuisance for them because you need to moderate them, they take a lot of space in storage, etc.


There are two issues here which may or may not be linked.

The complete disappearance of Pilar’s mems may be an isolated glitch, which they can recover for her. I do hope so. I have had a random look at the profile pages of several other users and didn’t find any that had suffered a similar loss. So, fingers crossed.on that one.

Regarding the loss (or reduction) of mems from ‘official’ courses, it would be really helpful to know if this has occured as an unitended consequence of the recently announced coding changes, or an unanounced planned change (similar to the ill-fated one in the April 2017 Release Note linked in the post above which was later overturned).

Hopefully, when the Memrise team return to work tomorrow, we’ll hear something from them about both issues.


This never really occured to me - I’m currently working on resp. repeating 13 official courses and I never see Mems. Maybe simply due to the fact that they are present in community created courses, so I’d endorse the assumption that they’re generally gone in official courses.

I’ve now read through that 27 Apr 2017 Release Note. Josua’s post which closed the topic led me to this later Release Note from 4 May 2017 which seems to explain the different treatment of mems in community created courses and those in ‘official’ courses.


So different policies were applied, specifically mems for official course have been hidden since then?

I’ll have a look into where @Pilar_Pereira’s mems went, as that seems like a bug, but let me shed some light on the mem issues over the years…

We had a fair bit of grief with the moderation of mems a few years back (there were A LOT of really inappropriate mems being posted), which meant that the quickest way of resolving it was to hide mems to a degree, and to reduce the visibility of your mems to other users on mobile platforms (web wasn’t changed). It wasn’t the best solution, but it was the quickest we had at the time, as it was blocking us from a big featuring on the app stores. This was coupled with the fact that we did a research project and found that folks weren’t engaging with them particularly well. We did the change, and put it in the ‘let’s deal with this later’ bucket. Over the last few years they’ve become less visible as we’ve worked on other stuff, which is why you don’t have many mems for the official courses (as they’ve been created in the last couple of years).

What I will say is that there are people within the company who are quite vocal and passionate about the impact of mnemonic devices on learning, so we want to work the concept of mems back in. I can only speak for web (which is the area I work in), but it’s something that we 100% have on the roadmap for the new release, it’s just a sizeable chunk of work, so we’re going to release without them first and then bring them back in soon after.

So yeah, believe me, mems are still talked about inside the company. They aren’t a primary focus, but they aren’t disappearing completely afaik.


Hi Luke,

Thanks for the reply:

Thanks. Hope you can rescue them all!

I think the web version was affected by the initial April 2017 change. Maybe it was the subsequent reversal of the change for community created courses only which introduced differences between the web and app versions? Reduced access to mems still exists in ‘official’ courses today.

Good to know!

Thank you!


@lurkmoophy I felt hopeful when I read your comment, but 15 days later my mems are still gone… :sob:

I remember when Memrise told us that you looked into mem use and found that users weren’t “engaging with them” much. This “research”, though, happened after mobile had already been launched without showing mobile users any mems at all. It happened after the user interface on web (where you could use mems) hid all mems by default, unless you knew to click a subtle link or button of some sort that you could easily never notice unless someone told you about it.

Even users who did use mems knew that by then, mems were kind of a secret that most Memrise users would never come across, so many of us had stopped treating them as the shared platform they used to be, and were mainly creating mems for our personal use. I may have been one of the holdouts, still trying hard to make popular mems that would help other people, but it was a somewhat bitter experience doing so and knowing they would really only help people I personally talked to and showed how to find them.

When I made my courses, making mems for the things in my courses was part of it. I considered those mems part of the course. When mems got more and more hidden, including from all new web users (unless they found the obscure way to enable them in the web UI), that’s one of the things that discouraged working on and expanding courses.

If Memrise ever decides again that being a community platform is worth anything, then among the many other changes you should make, you should throw out that pointless and misleading old research, and support & emphasize mems for real.


Hi! All my mems are stil MIA. :sob:

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