Where are the prepositions?

Hello, I can’t find the preposizion on the app . It have strange name and I don’t understand How to find them.

Help please !

Hi @DomenicoBianco88,

Are you an Italian studying English?


I found these helpful sites.





Hi @DW7 , Yes I’m Italian and I’m studying english.
Thanks for the sites.

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Ciao, I am English but grew up in Italy :slight_smile:

The MemRise Italian, and presumably the Italian to English courses, are very good.

There are also lots of other Italian/ English courses created by us, the community, and I support many.

Just ask if you need help finding them.


Of course, I’d like to try them, if they don’t have strange names where it’s hard to find what I need.

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This is the link you are probably following:


This link below, will give you access to other suitable courses.

The top three rows are Italian 1 to 7 by MemRise

After that are courses - many are supported by a [Course Forum].


In case you don’t know, start a course you like then it will be available on the App.

In bocca al luppo!


Sorry I don’t understand, I need to learn English, not Italian, and this is not the answer to my first question…

I know you want to learn English @DomenicoBianco88 .

The first link is all the courses you should know about.

The second link shows you the many courses that are for English people to learn Italian and they will of course test both ways as you learn so they will be useful to you :wink:

The links are to let you know that there are lots of courses, and if you look at the titles and description on the web you may find a course about prepositions - which is what you were after.

Otherwise I’d advise reading some children’s books in English or listening to some English children’s programmes - many are available for free on the web.

The only other option I can suggest is many DVDs you may own, may have audio in English as well as Italian.

If you still get no joy, ask the MemRise team (@MemriseSupport) if they can offer guidance.


Try these searches - they are specifically for prepositions.:



That’s the best I can do to help you.


Buongiorno @DomenicoBianco88,

Spero che tu hai avuto il tempo di leggere i miei suggerimenti e gli hai trovati utili.