When will it end?

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Ok. As most Memrisers know, there are TONS of these “Point Farming” courses out there. And I have put up with them for a while. But I’ve just had enough. What’s the point of reporting them anymore? Every time one is removed, another one takes it’s place. So why bother? I do understand that these courses should be terminated. But it’s getting out of hand. I and @DW7 have tried countless times to terminate as much of theses courses as possible on our “Report Cheat Course” topic. But to no avail. Yes, I really do want them all gone. But it’s just getting tedious for both the staff, and users. The users are ALWAYS finding these and have to nag on about them to the staff. And the Staff have to waste time deleting these. So they ruin it for everyone. Another reason is that they pass users who devote countless hours to achieving that all important Number One spot on the leaderboards. So it just ruins it YET AGAIN for users. There may be a feature of this, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Could there be a feature that makes it so the definition and the word CANNOT be the same? For example, as most “cheat courses” go, it’s usually spamming the number 1 until your fingers bleed. So it would stop putting 1 and 1 for definition and word. i don’t know HOW this could be a feature. But it would stop the production of these courses all together, if you do like this @MemriseMatty please let me know :).

So to sum up, it wastes our time, ruins it for everyone. And it’s just not fair. So why the hell would someone do it??? So please consider my points. :smiley: and then maybe we might end these courses altogether!

  • Add the feature!
  • Don’t! We really don’t need it…

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Also. My profile desc isn’t coming up when you click on my profile pic. It only shows up when you physically go on it. Help?