When using an imagine to learn it says error 500

When trying to use images to learn new words it says error 500

I’m sorry to hear that, to help us investigate, can you please link the course, and ideally the level you’re trying to learn from please?

Hi, I have this error too. I am creating a course and have added the image column, with text in the word/definitions box. I am able to start learning the level and see the word, but the first time I am tested I get error 500. This is the link to the course: Organic Chemistry - by gloverh - Memrise It looks like this:

Back end of course:

Front end of course:

Being able to see the image initially…

…But when I click on the answer, I get error 500

Thank you in advance for your help.


Image courses are not an officially supported Memrise feature so I can’t assign engineers to investigate this, but my first suggestion would be that a level with only one item is likely to cause issues.
Perhaps someone else on the forum with more experience with image courses would have additional suggestions

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Thank you for your response, @james_g_memrise - I think it did help a little. I added some more words and was able to get about five slides into the lesson before the same error popped up.

Do you think it’s worth adding more words? Any other workaround you can think of would be appreciated, or anybody I could tag in? :slight_smile:

The front end now looks like this:

@DW7 maintains many fine image courses and may have encountered this before.

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Thanks so much for your time, @James_g_memrise. I’ll have a look around @DW7’s courses to see if I can find something.

Best wishes

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…you were right, they’re amazing courses. I’ll be learning the minerals one @DW7!

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I do know lots of problems occur with only a few items.

It that course only has 6 items, it might be simpler and quicker to delete the course and make a new one with at least 10 or 15 items.

Thanks - there are many mineral courses that others have created (but I support) and some test you on the chemical formula as well as the image.