When to use "skal" and when to use "vil" in Norwegian

Can someone please tell me why in the first half of the following sentence, the person says “skal” for “will” but “vil” for “will ('ll”) in the second half: “Ja! Vi skal på kafé! Jeg vil ha is!” meaning: “Yes! We will [go] to the cafe! I’ll have ice cream!”

“Vil” is often more related to “want to” or “intend to”. While “skal” in this case is more like “going to”

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Thank you.

I’ve heard skal translated as shall, which seems to be a better idea of the meaning.

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I agree with @AndreasWaerholm19

You use ‘skal’ when it is certain that you will do whatever you are going to do, while you use ‘vil’ if it is something you want to do, but there is a possibility of it not happening.

An good example of the difference is ‘Jeg vil på ferie’ vs ‘Jeg skal på ferie’. ‘Jeg vil på ferie’ is what you say when everything is horrible at work and you just want to get away, but you don’t have any set plan, while ‘Jeg skal på ferie’ is what you say when your boss has approved you week off and you have booked you ticket.