When learning same answer shows for all option

The last few days I have encountered a bug when using decks.memrise, when learning a new word it gives me the same answers for all the options.


I have already looked at other solutions that have been given in the past.
Such as this

I have also searched my current levels for any duplicate and only found one (which i added today, so the bug was occuring before then). Which I have deleted from the level.

I also searched my database for the last 5 days worth of words i’ve added for any duplicats and not found any. There is no simple way to search every word i’ve ever entered into my database as it is currently 17 pages long.

Are there any other fixes? Or am I going to have to be forced to either delete my entire database or move to a different service other than memrise?



No answer, I’m afraid but the same problem has started appearing now and again. On different courses. Also the ‘could not load’ message is showing up.

I have been experiencing the same problem. Very annoying.

I have fixed mine, but still annoying.

I went through my database (which have been building for a very long time). My format for it has always been. Kanji, English, Hiragana. So 3 columns.

However, for some reason memrise had decided to completely remove all the data in the Hiragana field for 15 pages worth of words.

I deleted all words from those 15 pages, and things are now working properly.

I have no idea why memrise felt the need to delete the ‘Hiragana’ words from my database, or why they feel the need to keep changing things. If things work fine, don’t change them. Change isn’t always ‘good’ or ‘innovative’. Anytime memrise has changed something in the last ~5 years that I’ve used it, it’s caused more problems and headaches than anything else.

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I thought for a while that this bug is related to the size of the course, ex. 500+ words, but it seems to happen with smaller sized courses as well. Usually you see five of the same (right one) and one additional one in the 3x3 grid. Same with web UI and Memrise app. Started about three weeks’ ago.