When is the "Learn Grammar" option for Portuguese (Portugal) avaliable?

I am currently learning Portuguese and it is really going well. One thing though is the grammar, since we don’t have the grammar option yet it is very difficult to make sentences and fully understand the language. When is the “Learn Grammar” option avaliable? Thank you.

Hasan Ilgun


I find that learning and drilling with Memrise whilst learning grammar independent of Memrise works very well for me. I have been learning portuguese on Memrise for a couple weeks but already understood certain concepts because of learning up to course 3 of Spanish on Memrise and learning grammar and the rules of Spanish outside of Memrise. Concepts like temporary vs permanent states of beings, verb conjugation rules in the present tense, masculine and feminine rules, so that certainly helped. For me with grammar, the very first concept to grasp is

  1. temporary vs permanent states of being,
  2. definite article; The,
  3. verb conjugation rules of the regular verbs ending in -ar, -ir and -er in the present tense(learning other tenses once you really grasp the rules) and
  4. understanding how a word ending in a or o generally indicates the gender of the word and therefore you are able to know which form of the or a/an you should use simply based on what letter the word ends with.

Also important to know word order that differs from English(I don’t know the technical term) meaning for example how we would say dark red but in Portuguese they follow noun with adjective vermelho escuro(red dark).

For example, I am up to level 2 on Portuguese(EU) 175 words in so far and when building sentences on the course the letter a and o were appearing in ways I did not grasp, then I learned about Definite Article; The and how it is used and that it has gender and then I understood that the a and the o were representative of (The) in masculine and feminine form according to the following word.

The site I use to study European Portuguese grammar is:


Personally I would not learn the rules as ordered on the left hand pane of the page but starting with what I said previously, also grasping pronouns and irregular verbs but I guess one has to figure it out for themselves what works best and I offer merely a suggestion that you possibly won’t even see anyway!


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