When I click on "Learn New Words" web reply with error message (British English for Italian Speakers)

When I click on “Learn New Words” web reply with error message “Whoops. Could not load the session. Sorry”. Then it is impossible to continue the lessons.

Hi @flanto :slight_smile:

I saw on your list of learning that you are learning the course “British English for Italian Speakers”: https://www.memrise.com/course/2156808/inglese-uk-1/

Recently, Memrise began releasing new versions of its courses (especially courses 1 & 2), and in the beginning was only for British English speakers (see here). But now we can see that this is already extending to speakers of other languages.

If you look at the main page of the course you are learning, you will see that there are some levels missing (2, 7 & 13). These levels contain grammar mode, which is currently only available in the app (grammar mode is in beta - see here). Grammar mode will still take some time to add to the web version.

So even if you learn all the words available in the web version, the program will think that some words are still missing (which are in grammar mode), and will show the course as incomplete. But the correct one is to show it is complete. Because of that, the “learn” button remains active, and if you press it, it may show: “Whoops! Could not load this session”.

While grammar mode is not created for web version, we need to deal with it. Then, it will probably be fixed over time. Just skip and continue your learning.