When finishing a "Learn New Words" Topic, an error displays and I can't move on

When I try to continue through the course and select the prompted topic that is next for me, “Learn New Words,” I am able to move through the questions as usual but when the lesson finishes, an error displays and I have to restart that topic, unable to move on.

Are you on the website or mobile app, and what course are you on?

I am on the website for a community-made course for school. It’s teaching me places, like restaurants, grocery stores and stuff like that.

Could you link the specific course you’re referring to please?
you should see the courses you’re learning here Memrise - Fulltime117
As you are only learning community courses it is likely an issue with the course itself.


I can see the course is listed as incomplete, if your teacher is the creator please speak to them about this.

Right on, thank you for your help