When can Setswana become an official language on Memrise?

Where I work people speak Setswana, so I’m busy learning it. I even made a few courses on Memrise. I see that another memrise course, Basic Setswana, has now had over 100 learners if you look at the leaderboard under the ‘all time’ tag. Plus, Setswana is an official language in both Botswana and South Africa. Is there no way it can finally take its rightful place in the African languages category instead of languishing in ‘Other’?


All you have to do is Email the Memrise staff and ask them to create the category, and tell them it belongs in “African Languages” (that’s how I got them to add Greenlandic).

Thanks for the advice, I’ve emailed Memrise. Hopefully they’ll add it!

Still no Setswana category in the African Languages section… why???

Chinese and Japanese have each a full section of their own with several specific categories, yet so many languages don’t even have a place in their continent’s section!

Looking at “Other Languages”, I found countless courses like the Setswana ones that deserve a category of their own (Yoruba, Hmong, Navajo, Chichewa, Lao, Tongan, Uzbek, etc). It would be a HUGE improvement for the navigation and use of Memrise if such categories existed, or at the very least if there was a category called “other” in each section (other African, other European, other Asian & Pacific, etc).

I think all ancient/dead languages like Sumerian, Akkadian, Old Norse/English/French/whatever, should fall somewhere under “Classics”, or Classics to fall under some new Old languages section.
Besides, a section for “Constructed Languages” exists therefore one could expect all the constructed languages courses that are so abundant in the “Other Languages” to be re-classified where they belong.

Thanks so much for creating this course! It’s so hard to find courses to learn Setswana. Quick question. Does the course include audio/spoken words so that correct pronunciation can be learned? I’m currently using the free version of Memrise for this course. If audio/spoken words is only included in the paid version I would be happy to pay for that feature.

Thanks again!

Hi there. None of the Setswana courses I made have audio.

Thanks for the fast reply! Just to reiterate, I’m am enjoying the Introduction to Setswana course that you created very much; even without audio. It is so hard to find courses on Setswana. Thanks again for your efforts!