When can I use Listening Skills on a course I made?

Hi, I was wondering what the conditions are to be able to use Listening Skills mode (the audio button next to the buttons for Review, Speed Review and Difficult Words).
I have a vocabulary course which prompts on English and tests on Japanese and which has an audio file for each word, and I selected “Audio mode enabled” in the course settings, so the Listening Skills button appears. However when I click it, I get the message:
“For some reason Listening Skills couldn’t load. This might be because there aren’t enough items with audio in your review list. Why not go back and rack up some more items in learn?”

Can anyone think of what kind of settings I might need to change to fix this? I do have audio tests enabled.

Have you learnt any words?
You cannot review words until you have learned them

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Ah, I forgot to do that for this course. Oops. I’d been trying to get it working over various combinations of settings, but this time forgot to learn any words first. In any case, it works now that I learned some words, so thanks for the reply.