Whe app is updating itself into weirld looking beta version

Hi guys. My memrise app is kind of buggy. Every 2-3 day the app will update itself into weird looking beta version app and can never be opened (see attached picture). Even though all i have to do to resolve that problem is just reinstalling the app from play store. But still, having 2 days routine to reinstall the app is sickening.

I’m running the app from Realme 2 pro, android 9 versioan, stock firmware.

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Narendra Putra Dipta

*another picture since the forum only allow new member to post 1 picture per post

Whoa, that does seem like a very outdated version! @MemriseSupport & @MemriseMatty: can you shed some light on this?

You need to disable auto-updates on your third party app store, otherwise it will overwrite the Google Playstore


ooohhhhh god, dumb me. Thanks for all your help. My problem is now resolved.

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