What's the word's meaning of "mem"?

I offent meet the word “mem”,but I can’t search the word.Mybe it is the abbreviation of memory or other words ? Can somebody tell me ? Or the word is created by the MEMRiSE website ?

I think it’s just a helpful image or piece of text - or both - that helps you remember a word or phrase.


Yes, it’s a word that they created, and it just means a memory aid that helps you learn and remember items.


Thank you!

I feel the word ‘Mem’ was more prominent in the old plant design before the spaceship theme. In that design, the memory aid like images and pieces of text were more visually present in the app. When I first started in 2015 I began using Memrise because I was like “oh cool a learning tool that utilises funny memes and sayings created by users to help remember words”. Now it feels like the website isn’t focusing on that aspect as much and with the lack of visual branding, the word Mem in Memrise is just a distant memory for me.


Yes titles like “Membassador”

See > What IS it? New design happened too fast <

and > https://decks.memrise.com/course/171267/memrise-rank-or-memrise-title-badges-no-typing/ < for full list.


They definitely made a conscious decision to reduce the prominence of mems in their product.

At first, mems were essentially the defining feature that set Memrise apart from other flash-card programs, and they touted and emphasized the importance and advantages of both creating and using mems. Users were incentivized to create helpful mems, and users earned a lot of points for creating them. Then they got rid of that incentive. Next, they eliminated the built-in image search from the mem creation page. Finally, at one point they even made it so that users could see only mems that were self-created, or ones that were created by Memrise, but could not see mems created by other users, and I think it’s still that way on the official courses. But after many complaints, they decided to allow at least some community mems on the user-created courses.

It’s as if the bosses decided that they wanted to advertise:

“New and improved Memrise!!! Now with 90% fewer Mems!!!”



I think the mem is a mnemonic content to help memory knowledge easily.The memrise website allow users to make himself mem.I think what you say is Memrise want to reduce this function?This sounds not quite reasonable.



No, what I mean is that the Mem features used to be very much better many years ago, when Memrise first started, but they have reduced them very much over the years since then.

I don’t know what their plans are for the future.


Which is absolutely ridicolous as mems have indeed always been the best part of memrise and what made it better than normal flashcards.


Thanks for explaining