What's the difference between the same course on Decks & Memrise?

Taking a look at memrise again after years away. When I left, it was due to anger at the betrayal of community courses and the web by memrise, and the memrise staff’s arrogant dismissive form of communication. The last straw was when memrise deliberately chose to break a large number of community courses, including mine, because it was an easy and convenient for them to make universal changes that they wanted for their mobile apps, even when those changes were incompatible with existing user-created courses. Rather than spend tens of hours of my own effort editing my courses, not knowing when memrise would break them again, I just left them broken, and left.

But I’ve been watching the message forums from time to time, and noticed last year when Memrise launched this new “Decks”. Maybe, just maybe, memrise is turning back towards supporting the community again, and the web?

So, I just logged in for the first time in years, and took a look at one of the courses I created, which I assumed would have been migrated off Memrise onto Decks. However, it seems that I can find my course in both places:

These are both the exact same course. And these are both broken by the memrise change to how commas are interpreted - still broken after so many years, ugh :frowning:

So, what exactly is the distinction between Memrise and Decks? Is every user-created course present on both sites? Is there any difference in how the course works, between the two sites?


There’s no difference (reg. content). Decks was/is meant to host community courses, so that the Memrise site/app could differ in functionality. But there hasn’t been any changes to Decks over at least 6 months and, until today, the Memrise site/app supports both official Memrise courses and community created ones. I’ve never really used Decks much for that reason.


Any way to get the attention of Memrise staff? What’s the plan for Decks? Is Memrise going to pay any attention to it? Is it intended to just be another URL with a slightly different visual skin for exactly the same courses and features as the main Memrise site?

We could try and get a statement from @JBorrego and/or @MemriseSupport. I’d sure like to know about the plans regarding Decks as well …

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It looks like we got the statement just a couple of days later: They’re undoing the split of decks into a separate site, and going back to just having one memrise site and app.