What's next

I’ve completed the Japanese official courses … But I’m still not that good… what should I do next… do you have any suggestions??

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Check this thread out for recommendations:

Also, you could try the SGJL series:

(They are numbered chronologically in their titles)


I just stumbled across this thread.
Do you by any chance know if Nukemarine is still creating courses for memrise?
I think I might start going through them once I get through the Japanese Talk Online courses.

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I don’t know… who is that?

He hasn’t been active on Memrise these past few weeks so I can’t say for sure. But I do know that he has mentioned doing so. Either ways, he has already made a lot of great-quality courses on this site that are enough to put you on the right track. (IMO at least)


He’s the author of the thread of the second link I posted, the creator of the SGJL series.

To stay on topic, I’d like to recommend a studying method (Not concerining Memrise). Something I do between classes is read children’s books from this app, which contains audio and is almost entirely in Hiragana, since it’s directed towards kids of 5 and younger.

I hope this also helps. And happy learning! :smile:


Thank you soooooo much!!

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Profile > Courses > Japanese > Repeat