What's happening with Decks and other questions

Hey all,
Here’s an old user of the forums with a query (and hey, if you remember me. You deserve a veterans discount :wink: ). But anyway. As most of you know Decks was announced early last year as a home for user created courses and not for the Official Memrise courses. I’m just wondering if eventually all user created courses will be moving there? Will Decks fully take place? Or is it nothing to worry about. And will there be any change with the shield icons (unlike Ziggy, RIP). Not saying that I don’t like the shield icons, just curious on if anything will happen to them or if they are here to stay and a permanent feature. I’m excited as all other users for the future of Memrise and what it may hold, this post is just to justify any unanswered questions I’d (and possibly other users) would like to have an answer to. I’m sure whatever happens will be a success, but all i really want out of this, is just to be sure what we will see for the future.

Thanks, MarshallLanguages. :slightly_smiling_face: