What was changed in the new update (3.0.2)?

(Polar Bear Cabal) #1

Title is pretty self explanatory. The release notes didn’t really say what they’d changed or fixed.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

Due to the version you posted I’m assuming that you’re talking about the iPhone app?
The Android (which is what I’m using) “release notes”, i. e. the notes underneath an updated app’s entry, haven’t ever contained anything but (I’ll put it nicely) “funny comments” without much useful information.

Apart from that there isn’t any release notes at all (not on Memrise, not on their blogs, nowhere else - and I’ve tried hard to find those). What I did find was the odd thread here and there on the forum where someone posted some information. The latest one however dates back from Dec. 13, 2017 and it actually doesn’t even contain what you’d expect from a release notes posting.
Altogether this leads me to the conclusion that this doesn’t seem to be something Memrise cares all too much about.

(Polar Bear Cabal) #3

Wow, that’s disappointing.

While the “funny” comments are…could be amusing, I actually read the release notes and appreciate them. I wish Memrise would publish them somewhere.

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(Lucas Heber) #4

The goal of update 3.0.2 was introduce random funny crashes, something related to Game of Thrones. But, the brand new update 3.03, I repeat, the brand new update 3.03 is fixing this prior bug, nothing changed.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #5

Where did you find that?



It’s from the iOS App Store. The equivalent for the Android Play Store, is to click on “READ MORE” under “What’s new?” but it doesn’t give the history like the iOS version does.

(Polar Bear Cabal) #7

They published real release notes with this update! Thanks Memrise! :):grinning:

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(Amanda Norrsken) #8

Where did you find them? Are they only for the iOS app?

(Polar Bear Cabal) #9

I’m on iOS, so I don’t know where they publish the release notes in Android. But wherever they used to write their jokes.

They now start with a joke, then write the actual changes.