What resources besides Memrise are you using to learn German?

(Zsolt Papp98) #42

I am averaging at around 150-200 a day, 30% out of it is review. I use the FluencyFastTrack feature (cca. 28000 sentences), which is available on the englishtogerman course, yet with the multiple options. Clozemaster’s features are different depending on the language pairs. I dont feel confident enough to use the text input, how should i know which word to enter? Sentence could be correct with more alternatives, does it accept more variations?


Speaking of Clozemaster, I can review a few hundred sentences because I learn with text input, and review otherwise. Usually I learn less then hundred. I am checking my level all the time so I mix them. I finished the top 500 words and now I am reaching up to the top 3000-4000. I have to mix because I feel I will never finish the whole course and I want to have insight into the widest range of words.

(Kaspian) #44

I’m doing German from English, German from Spanish, Spanish from German, and a few other language pairs. For the three combos I just mentioned, I aim to add 40 sentences each and review 60-120. An average of 140 total per day times three language pairs is 420 sentences.

Using Clozemaster this way for the last 5-6 months has really improved my ability to switch between Spanish and German. I’m also enjoying the exposure to turns-of-phrase that don’t directly translate (or translate in unexpected ways), as well as the opportunity to see which prepositions tend to go with which nouns. Sure, you can memorize that sort of thing using Memrise, but I find it tends to stick better when I see them in sentences instead.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.

@Zsolt_Papp98 I’ve decided to give Fluency Fast Track a go (it didn’t exist when I started, and I never bothered to try it before you mentioned it) and that really does help as the sentences are more suitable to my level.

I rather agree about the text input, which is why I found it rather… unproductive to keep going with Clozemaster and consequently I’ve been using it less and less these days. Especially with sentences that are beyond my current abilities, I had to switch back to multiple-choice, and it felt like I could only recognise the word, rather than it be something I can recall.

I’ll give it a go with the Fluency Fast Track and perhaps it’ll go better, thanks again for the tip!

@Andrea_Mo3 Wow, a few hundred sentences with text input is amazing. Do you find text input much more beneficial because it forces recall, compared to multiple choice?

@Kaspian Most of the pairs I do have English as a base. In fact, all of them except one are from English. I’ve only tried Italian from French, and because the languages are rather closely related since they are from the same family, most times it’s pretty straightforward to translate. I probably should try using other language pairs.


I learn under a hundred with text input, but review a few hundred with multiple choice. I like text input because it’s challenging. My main mistake there is misspelling. After a while you’ll figure out your self which word is suited where.

(Geil) #47

-Disney Films
-Comic Books
-German in Review by Kim Sparks (best grammar book)

I put in order of importance for me.


I used to learn German on Duolingo, despite my friends’ nagging about how hard the spelling is.
It isn’t actually that hard, to be honest. :laughing:

Anyhow, I honestly prefer Duolingo to Memrise, with the exception of the forums. Yes, the layout on Duo might be neater, but you don’t get notifications when someone replies to you. :frowning2:

But then again…this discussion is about German, NOT the forum system. I apologize for my digression. :bow:

(Awtreuter) #49

http://nachrichtenleicht.de - weekly news in simplified german.

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #50

If you use text entry and can’t figure out the word (it’s usually not that hard based on the size of the text field) you can always click on the [?] to show multiple choices
But the review spacing for clozemaster is weird, I went 4-5 days without a single sentence for review, then got hit with dozens of them every day for the next few days.

(Zsolt Papp98) #51

‘But the review spacing for clozemaster is weird, I went 4-5 days without a single sentence for review, then got hit with dozens of them every day for the next few days.’

-strange. For me it allways automatically mixes 3-5 review sentences to every section (of 10). And i thought i have all settings on default. I am using the website, not the app.

(Kaspian) #52

In my experience with Clozemaster, if you have sentences due for review and you select “Play,” you’ll get 2-5 sentences that are review instead of new. If you have pro, and you’ve increased the number of sentences per round to 20, you’ll still get 2-5 that are review, plus 15-18 that are new. (30 per round gives you 2-5 review and 25-28 new.)

If you select “Review” instead, obviously you’ll get sentences you’ve seen before. If you’re all caught up with reviewing, and you select “Play,” you’ll get only new sentences. As far as I can tell, both the website and the app behave this way.

Also, during review sessions, both the website and the app prioritize reviewing recently learned sentences over sentences you’ve seen a couple times. This means that you’ll review sentences worth 8 points before those worth 12 or 16 points. (And you’ll see the 12-point sentences before the 16’s.)

During a learning session that mixes in 2-5 review sentences, they seem to be selected more randomly.

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #53

Tried the German Beta Lingvist today. Not impressed. Very basic, no real sense of where you are, or ability to control your learning at all, and uses entirely computer-generated audio.
I tried another site recently too that had been mentioned here, where all the clues were given to you in spoken German but you just had to type the word, it looked very polished but there wasn’t much you could do without paying, and I wasn’t tempted enough to explore further.
So for all our moaning about Memrise it still seems to be miles ahead of the competition.

(Damonlord) #54

I am using Duolingo occasionally, Deutsche Welle langsam gesprochene Nachricten podcast daily, and also meeting weekly through Skype with a native German-speaking tutor arranged via italki. I am also listening to German music on Youtube now and then.

(Ajay Chohan) #55

I also use Leo, which is great for finding German phrases and certain specific idioms that are unusual and quite rare on popular websites.


(Wild Sage) #56

I keep linqvist for the grammar notes. They used to have a reading component but once they removed that I stopped using it on a regular basis.

(Lingo Learner38) #57

I been using the Memrise app on my phone. I actually like the tinycards site better than Duolingo. I think it’s cool to learn through flashcards. And it’s the complete German course too! I like it!

(Geil) #58

If you are learning German, Russian, or Spanish, the DW youtube channel uploads hundreds of useful videos a week with closed captioning subtitles per youtube. The best way to learn is watch simply one of their 5 min videos at 75% speed (again, another nifty youtube feature) with the subtitles on and just soak it in with an optional online dictionary on hand. There is no better way to learn a language than this. I can promise you that. And you don’t really do any work. Just immerse yourself and pay attention.

(Maxine Downunder) #59

@Geil, this is slightly off topic, but do you know if I can find the same thing on Youtube in French? BTW what is the “DW youtube channel”? Thanks.

(Geil) #60

They don’t have anything in French which is slightly strange. But here is what they are…

To the right of the channel, you can also watch videos in Russian and Spanish. Both very good too.

I don’t know any french equivalent. So sorry. I would suggest looking up a french news channels and hope they have the CC option to use for subtitles. Because youtubes closed caption feature is super accurate. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Maxine Downunder) #61

Thanks for your response @Geil - I appreciate it.