What resources besides Memrise are you using to learn German?

Are you using other flash cards services? Websites with grammar exercises? Share them with us! :slight_smile:

Resources mentioned:

Duolingo - vocabulary, grammar;
Deutsche Welle - courses, podcasts and news;
Grimm Grammar - grammar review and exercises;
Lingolia - grammar;
Lang-8 - writing practice;
rbb Radio - listening;
Your Daily German - German blog explaining aspects of the language;
Dict.cc - one of the best multilingual German dictionaries.
Schritte International books - grammar, vocabulary
Coffee Break german - a podcast by Radio Lingua
Goethe institut - grammar, vocabulary, listening
Clozemaster - vocabulary
Goethe Verlag


I’m using a combination of Duolingo and Memrise.


I used to use Duolingo as well, however, after a while I started to lack motivation for redoing all those lessons to make them golden again and stopped doing it. How far are you with your tree @widle ? :slight_smile:

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Making the lessons golden is just a suggestion, not a necessity. :slight_smile: I do it though, I need the practice. I’m taking it slowly, currently I’m a bit past the middle, nearing the sixth checkpoint.

Duolingo combined with Memrise. According to Memrise, I’m left around 1000 words., that’s more than 40%. I’m not bothered making the lessons golden because there are always sentences that I’ve never seen, and I am still not that practiced to be bored!
A have many cites in my bookmark, but I am too lazy to read them. But surely would help!

Probably too many to mention but aside from Duolingo, the top ones are:

  • Deutsche Welle mostly for the courses, podcast and news
  • Grimm Grammar for grammar review and exercises
  • Lingolia for more grammar
  • Lang-8 for writing practice
  • rbb Radio just for listening practice to help tune my ear to the language

I should definitely read some more online newspapers but I just haven’t bothered to do so.
(Also, sorry that the others aren’t all hyperlinks but this new software doesn’t let me add more than 2 at this time.)


@makalu, I have added your links to the main post, thanks for sharing those! I haven’t heard of Lingolia and Grimm Grammar before, but they seem quite useful (the Grimm Grammar design looks entertaining :smiley:).

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Thanks … one of these days we may be able to use these as a start for a decent Wiki for German learning. Soon some people will mention the Deutsch für Euch channel on YouTube but I’m always leery about linking anything to YouTube - it’s one of the ones I started with since it was short, easy to follow and helped a lot with the basics.

Busuu ist auch ziemlich gut, aber es ist nicht gratis.

Ich war früher mit Duolingo lernen, aber ich den Baum endet, und seither ich habe keine Lust. Aber vielleicht ich sollte wieder es probieren.

Es gibt keine Magie, es ist Übung, Übung, Übung!


sorry? you ended the tree, or the tree ended you, or how did the things go?

(btw lernen is a “durative” verb, takes “haben”)

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Hallo Laute
Im studying on my own, and I have downloaded those Schritte international books. More than a few people recommended them, but I was wondering if there is a solved version to be found online. That would make my life a lot easier, if I was to know if I solved a certain excercise in a correct way . .

I also like Coffee Break German, a podcast by Radio Lingua. There’s only one season so far (40 episodes at beginners’ level) but hopefully there’ll be more soon.



I have been using this site along with Memrise https://www.goethe.de

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I started learning German with Memrise, and then started Duolingo once I had learned some vocabulary. Later, I added Deutsch Interaktiv (from Deutsche Welle).

Podcast-wise, I really enjoyed Deutsch, warum nicht? (also from DW). Once I had listened through Series 4, I could handle the podcast Slow German mit Annik Rubens. I highly recommend it for intermediate and advanced learners.

I second the recommendation of the blog, Your Daily German. A typical post looks at a word, its meaning, its variations (noun vs verb, root+prefix, etc), and the contexts it’s used in. It’s awesome and often humorous, too.

One nice thing about the YouTube channel Deutsch für euch is that there’s a Memrise course whose lessons correspond to many of the early episodes.

I haven’t found anything better than Memrise for learning vocabulary, but it is certainly necessary to use other resources for grammar, listening, writing, and speaking practice.



I recently discovered Clozemaster, which is excellent for learning words in context and complements Memrise nicely.

For listening, I watch videos from the Easy German Youtube Channel.



Vielleicht sind diese Seiten für jemanden interessant?

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Thanks for the Clozemaster tip: very useful!


Added everybody’s websites to the main post, thanks for sharing your resources! :slight_smile:

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@sherrin - Thanks for posting the link to Clozemaster! I’ve been using it since I read your post, and I’m really enjoying the practice with complete sentences.