What Order Do I Put The Translations?

If You Want To Teach An African Language To English People,
Do You Put The African Language First Or The English One?

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Im Really Confused,
Any Ideas?

I would put the African language in my first column and the English translation in the second column. Then I would set the testing direction to “Test on [Africn language] prompt with English”.


After all my time using memrise/decks I have only just realised that if I click on the levels in creation that I can change the learning direction.
All this time I have been creating reverse levels and getting stressed when I create a course and think I have created it in the wrong direction, when there was a button there all along to solve it.
Even yesterday I was creating a Japanese Sentence course and ended up renaming the first column to English and the second to Japanese, just so I’d be prompted with the Japanese.
Haha, damn I feel stupid.

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Thx So Much for the info guys.

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