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So ive been learning Japanese for around a month now and ive mastered Hiragana and Katakana symbols but im not sure what to do next to get me fluently speaking Japanese. Any course suggestions besides the Official ones as they didnt really help me. Just threw random bits of vocab at me. Ive made my own course but realt just want to see an experienced persons course which will help me speak proper sentences. Can you post suggestions below???


git gud boi


Hi. I do not speak English very well, but I’ll try.

At the same time as I do the official Japanese courses at Memrise, I started with the jlptbootcamp courses because they appeared almost at the top of the search within Memrise’s website. And also because I found out about them when I read a post that I really liked and it was written by TinyCaterpillar:

He also has a forum at Memrise regarding his courses. For example:

With regard to sequential courses, I enjoyed the jtalkonline courses. She has created several courses at Memrise and has posted an explanation of each course and its sequence in order to speak fluent Japanese in a short time (but of course each one can go according to your step). The external link on your blog is:

But she also has a forum at Memrise for her courses:

Then I discovered the sequential courses of Nukemarine.
I have not yet had time to test them, but she has a forum at Memrise, with the sequence and explanation of her courses:

I still do not have much time at Memrise, but those are the Japanese courses that have caught my attention so far :slight_smile:

PS: For those who do not know, the term JLPT comes from “Japanese-Language Proficiency Test” and goes from the N5 which is the easiest to the N1 which is the most difficult.


I kind of use jtalkonline’s 1 year to fluency as well.
Her courses are really good, I’m also currently going through jlptbootcamp courses as well.
You start with JLPT N5 as that is the beginning level of fluency and work your way towards N1 eventually/hopefully.

Something I would definitely recommend, is doing a Kanji/English meanings course, as when I first started I neglected this and I didn’t see the point of doing it.
But the past few months I have been adding the kanji/english meanings in and it makes learning/remembering vocab wayyy easier when you start having to use kanji in sentences/words. It will seem pointless at first learning the meanings of kanji, but if I could go back I would of learnt them straight after I had learnt Hiragana and Katakana, and learnt them alongside learning new vocab.

So, I’d recommend:

I’d say use this course for learning the meanings of the Kanji.

Then while doing that work through jtalkonlines or jlptbootcamp courses in the right order, which will build up your vocab, grammar and understanding of the language.

Then maybe add a few random vocab courses in, I find memoryfox’s courses, they are really good for this. As it is basic everyday vocab that is essential, and the words are quite easy to remember and will build up your confidence for learning harder words. :slight_smile:


I knew I would need this type of course, but I was putting off adding them because reviews of this type of course require you to type the answer in English. The others I was doing only required reading in English, but typing was only in Japanese.

But now that I’ve been able to memorize a large number of words in English, I believe I can take courses like that. I added the course to try to do. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


here are my suggestions:

learn grammar, it is very important. i kinda left it behind and tryed to learn kanjis and reading 1st and i fucked up… now i am behind with grammar


also i found this channel, it is awesome… just what i needed… u guys should check it out:


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Did you notice that the official Japanese course now has an introductory course? As it is for beginners, there is no Kanji’s, with the exception of the last level, which contains Kanji’s of numerals.

@MarshallLanguages, I know you asked for only unofficial courses, but I only seen this course today. I think the course should be new so I thought it would be good to share :slight_smile:


Wow. Thanks :relaxed:. Really appreciate your support guys!



Youve been banned till 2019 :smirk:. Congratulations…

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I didn’t either, woo woo. :sunglasses:


And your about to become level 18! :exploding_head:


Also do you think gaining level 14 in my 1st year is impressive? :sunglasses:

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Im now open to new suggestions! As I have tried (and completed some) of the courses! So, any new suggestions? :slight_smile: