What next after swedish 1 to 7?

I’ve finished the official Memrise Swedish course but 2700 words of Swedish is just a very small start. Which of the other courses is best?

I tried the 8000+ most common Swedish words course. I was put off this one because the audio has jag pronounced with a “g” at the end. I’ve never heard this “g” before and wonder whether it is correct/normal. Similarly with “och”. I’ve never heard anything like “ch” or “k” before.

Are the speakers in the audio native Swedish speakers?

I haven’t listened to the pronunciation in the course, but I’m a native Swedish speaker. I would say that generally when you speak, you skip the “g” at the end of “jag” and the “k”-sound at the end of “och.” But when reading just the word out (say from a list of words), you would pronounce those sounds. On wiktionary, there are recordings which sound like what it sounds like when a native speaker reads just the words “jag” and “och” out, so you can compare with those.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

you should look for courses other people made like animals verbs nouns or something :smiley:

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Thank you.

Saying the obvious, go to the web to search, then start the course - even one word.

There are lots of Community Created Courses (CCC).

Then they’ll appear on a refreshed App list on your phone.

Thank you. I was hoping for recommendations since as a beginner I can’t really judge the quality and CCCs might not always be good.

Hopefully some users of Swedish will recommend what to try next, but look at length of course, how it’s organised, if it has sound (pronunciation) and how many people have tried it and how many are using it in this last month.

Hope that helps.

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I would recommend 7000 top swedish words because I’m currently doing 5000 top Portuguese words and 5000 top Spanish words, and it is not useful gramatically, but very useful vocabulary-wise.
Maybe you could find a course " swedish grammar "


Thank you.

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