What is your Favorite Season and Holiday?

Hello everyone :wave: Today, Because of how once in a while I like to ask everyone what their favorite book or hobby is so that everyone can get to know eachother :blush:, I decided to ask what is everyone’s favorite season of the year and holiday since more holidays are coming up and the season is changing. I like Autumn/Winter because I like to stay inside and feel warm and read some of my favorite books! Also wear sweaters! I’m not really a fan of summer, but I still like it. My favorite holiday is Christmas! Because It’s the most wonderful time of the year :joy: And that it’s very memorable, and a good time to care for one another and all the other great things about it! Make sure to comment what your favorite season and holiday is! :blush:


Hi @IzzyFaith09! :grin:
My favourite season is Winter. I was born in Winter, and I always preferred the cold. But I also love Spring because I love gardening, and nothing is so pretty than then. :heart_eyes:
I can’t stand the heat! But I really love swimming, so that’s the only reason I put up with Summer!!!
Christmas is awesome, definitely my fave holiday!!! It’s the happiest time of the year, all the family getting together, and all the traditions and food and cousin sleepovers!!! :joy:
I can NOT wait for Christmas THIS year!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Even though where I live, Christmas is in Summer.

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Hi @IzziBlitz_Gonzalez17! :wave: That’s really cool that your favorite season is winter like me! Like you, I also LOVE spring it was the season I was born in and is my second favorite season! Christmas is really awesome! For every reason! That’s interesting that Christmas is in summer where you live! Thanks for commenting! :grinning:

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I have trouble sleeping in the summer because im always so hot, but when it is cold, I have good night sleeps. I also rather living in the cold then in heat.

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That’s so true lol, in Winter it’s so snuggly!
I’m sorry that Summer is about to strike, we’ll just have to go swimming every day! :laughing: :v:t3: