What is wrong with my app?

My learning things do not switch up automatically anymore? If it is on speed review it stays on speed review until I change it. It used to just move back and forth between the learning options. This happens on my phone and laptop. Also I paid for Pro. I am a pro member and my learn with locals, pronunciation, and listening skills are just dead. I can’t select them. What on earth am I paying for then?

What courses are you doing?

The features you mention are only available for the official memrise courses, that is why they will appear greyed out if you are learning a community course.

Learn basic Italian and it’s a memrise course it says. I purposely used it so I wouldn’t have to move to decks.

There is nothing wrong with your app, @llggood, but the course you mention is NOT an official course:

It was created by a memrise user calling themselves “StefanoDurden”.

The other course you are taking, “Italian 1”, is a memrise course, so you should get some of those features on that course, and on the other levels (most official memrise courses have seven levels, I believe).

You can see here that your second Italian course is clearly not a memrise course:


Hope this helps.

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Ugh I must have got the 2 mixed up! I cant even access Italian 1 on my phone. I guess I’ll have to get to a laptop or something. I’m specifically staying with memrise courses or testing to cause I dont want to mess with decks! As you can see obviously I’m technology challenged! Lol

That’s odd! Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the app? Or just logging out and logging back in again?

As far as I can tell, these are the usual steps that are advised before doing anything more drastic. I’d just log out and log back in again for the time being. That might be enough.

I purposely used it so I wouldn’t have to move to decks.