What is the highest number of points you have gotten whilst reviewing?

I have set reviewing sessions at 50 words per review session and recently I think I scored my highest ever number of points.


Just wondered if anybody else had managed to get a higher score than this?


around 14.000

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for reviewing 50 words? bc thats literally impossible…but it makes sense if u review 100 words.

But for 50 word review, I’ve gotten 8600+ pts. and for 100 word review, I’ve gotten 17,000+ pts. Those are when I get like every single word perfect.

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the question was about the max points in a review session, not about how many items (“Just wondered if anybody else had managed to get a higher score than this?”)

And how many words per review session, just out of curiosity?

That was the highest. :sweat_smile:
If you have 3 hours to spare…


that was some while ago when i had a huge backlog, i presume i set the watering to the max nr of items… i found it odd that 50 items can bring around 8000 but 100 only 13-14000

How on earth did you manage to review 1,745 words in one session??? :smiley:

But well done for getting such an amazing score!!!


You can do it with the infinite review script if you click on this button.


I have the premium membership, is that a premium thing?

The script or the button? :smile:

The script wrote one of the members here to extend the site functionality, and the button is a normal feature.

The script might not work properly at the moment, since the last time I checked there was an issue with its functionally, because Memrise pushed a new update to their system. I’m not sure if it has been fixed since then, but it will probably happen soon enough.

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