What is point for level 17 and 18?

Points for levels

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I’m afraid you’ll have to be a bit more specific in order for us to be able to help you!

By all appearances the question is about amount of points to reach those levels.

@bwulchak63 it’s about 80 million points for the 17th level and 100 million for the 18th.


78.125.000 and 100 million, to be exact. it’s notable that the distance from 16->17 is bigger than 17->18, for some reason. and that the steps are really rather huge, at that.


We have often asked for less exponential gaps, giving people on say Level/ Rank 12 and higher a better sense of achievement.

The old Levels or Ranks were achieved quicker cf Meminence change at 10 million not 12.5 million for Rank 15.

I’ll try and attach a link to the thread here.


Thank you Hombre. It took me 3 years to be level 16.
Edited June 2021: 7 months later & 14 million more points and STILL at level 16. Time to adjust the points per levels!!!

Well done @bwulchak63 .

Although ► this course ◄ was produced for the Ziggy icons, I think the Levels and points still apply:

Can anyone confirm?

How the hell am I supposed to level 18 to 20 with 0 quests to do. I’ve done every single side quest and am now just trying to get to level 20. Does anyone have any njmcdirect suggestions on how I should go about this?

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There’s tons and tons of community courses. Depending on what language(s) you are working on those should really keep you quite busy for years and years!

Just go here, pick your source language on the left and the browse through the categories a bit further down, or do a text search (top right):

16 and 17 are still correct (and still silly)