What IS it? New design happened too fast

I actually like the color scheme Memrise was using on their Instagram before April 9. It’s soothing and fun. On April 9 and afterwards, their visual identity became blinding, crowded, and sloppy. I can see that they want to use more humanizing images for the brand, but I can’t help but think that whoever pushed for this direction has bad taste.


I’m hopeful but unfortunately that might not be the case, branding agencies [ I’m working at one ] usually post THEIR ideal proposal. What company implements is a whole different matter. I’m pretty certain that it is what Memrise was given initially. I’d love to be wrong.


@MemriseOwen, @MemriseMatty, the screen for select studying modes will keep the current monochromatic buttons or it will change for colored buttons like the image above?

We individuals bold users would much appreciate a MemRise empathetic answer since an official position will enrich the discussion and give users peace of mind.


Hey Lucas,

I can’t provide an official answer to that question directly. But what I can say which might be helpful, is that the overall philosophy is:

Ship - Collect data - Iterate on design.

Your feedback - along with many other data points - is part of this second phase (data bit).

Had mini chat with our head of design and he concurs with a bit more context: We are actively and carefully considering where & how we should use colour in the app. The move to reduce its use in the mode selector was a difficult one. But one that is being followed up by analysis, and future design iterations. Thank you all for engaging with us on this.


Can anyone show me a screenshot of how memrise looked before the update? I just recently joined and am curious how it once looked. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!

At least I now know that a pizza must’ve been the archetype for the clunky shapes around most of everything. And I must say, I would have walked away from a company that has a logo like the one Moving Brands has …


Yup, pizza and, apparently, mold spores! 'Cause nothing says empathy like moldy pizza. (see at 00:03)

Also: pause the video on the bulletin board at 00:06 and check out the upper right. This is the professionalism of this company.

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Thank you very much for this answer. I am looking forward for next iteration: I believe It will be the best update ever :star_struck:, considering the amount of feedback data you amassed…

Dull colors in general. Gives an impression of dusty, unused for a long time.

Learn vocabulary icon with five fingers now looks like two of the fingers squeezing an invisible object, and squirting a liquid out of that thing.

Speed review with that dark green surrounding does not match with the dark background, and it does not represent or symbolize “speed” in any way.

The yellow colour of the difficult words is not from the same color scheme, and it is even worse. It warns the user not to touch that button.

The pale blue for the pronunciation is looks like freezed, it is cold.

The wine red colour for the review button does not match the idea of watering.

The purple for the listening skills is also too dark on the dark gray background.

The review gray grammar button gives me hope because that button is most probably inactive, and there is a chance of having a nicer colour when they activate it. Untill then, I will not press on it.

I do not want to make a comment on the colour of the learn with locals button because it will be a personal comment, I do not like pink. Congratulations!


Thank you. Dot dot dot

I heard that the next MemRise design will be entirely based in Morse code :rofl: .
MemRise will be written as "-- . – .-. … … . " to show how much people, represented by dots, is at the heart of the brand.


The current Memrise design is already based on some kind of a code, maybe a code of dark sciences. This secret code is hidden in the memrise icon, in which the word memrise looks like a scribble when it is displayed in small size. Dear memrise, please compare your icon with all the other icons on the PC tab. Check the other background colors, check the number, size, shape and colour of the letters symbolizing the brands, companies or Websites, whatever they are. It is not a good idea to compress a 7-letter word into a square, especially if it will be displayed in small size.


Dreary and fusty.


I didn’t know these words. I looked up in the translator, and saw that they are the correct words for the “new” look. Very descriptive.

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On the leaderboards, the row on which my name is displayed, is black. Why? Am I the worst, am I dismissed, am I banned? Oh, sorry… This must be the “new design”.


Ow. I checked their page, it raped my eyes with their own background (it starts moving…it was already bleh).


It seems like they’ve designed the Google logo :slight_smile:

To Memrise Team:
I hardly ever leave comments, especially negative ones, but… New website and app design is just terrible! :frowning:

Being a UI/UX designer my eyes are bleeding from the color palette, shapes and look&feel in general. I’d like to know who is that person who decided to replace really playful and fun design (and beautiful open-space concept) with this dull and ugly version?! :exploding_head: Please give the community a way to switch to the old design and then check your statistics. You guys will be surprised with results. I love Memrise, really. Sorry for saying this but your design kills motivation to learn and makes people leaving your project.

For now I’m asking for just one thing: a button that will change the design back to the previous space version and remove this nightmare which is called “new design”. Thank you in advance!


Personally I always have (and still prefer) the original planting theme.
While seeds and flowering plants remain (even through the space theme) the lovely landscape and some original colours have been supplanted :wink:

And the fun titles awarded for every new level reached.
[eg Memrise Rank: Membassador ]

See https://decks.memrise.com/course/171267/memrise-rank-or-memrise-title-badges-no-typing/ for full list.


Users have no say. Users have TO PAY!