What IS it? New design happened too fast

(Max Logan6450) #1

Hi everyone.
Logged in today and got this eye-burner.

Is there a way to restore previous design (because this one is really really bad on all possible levels)?

New design
Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses
New layout feedback thread |CIVIL DISCUSSION|
(SKKreativ) #2

The only thing I like about the design is the colour combination of the yellow and charcoal, the blue just isn’t doing it for me. I do really wish Memrise would rewind the clock right back to the original plant-based design. It feels like Memrise is constantly trying to experiment with new ideas but keep making things worse, “If it was never broken why fix it!?”.

(Vincoof) #3

What’s bugging me out is the removal of colors in the buttons. I really liked the old color design where Green meant Learn new words, Blue meant Classical Review, and so on. Maybe they want to be colorblind-friendly, but I fail to see where the complete removal in colors actually helps anyone.

I also wish there was an option to switch back to the old design, which was working pretty well (or at least, worked better than the current design imho).

(Davebarnes) #4

“Eye burner” is correct.
This new look is horrible.
Looks like a student project.

(Student Of Life) #5

Looks like they are changing it resemble a worksite with hazard signs and lightening bolts. A new theme maybe?

(Javaugy11111) #6

The new UI theme looks horrible! I almost have to wonder if this is some delayed April Fools joke. Please put back to the old style or at least allow a choice in the profile.
Is there maybe a grease monkey script to override this?

(Ccc01) #7

While I can get used to the design, what is with the once-circular icons on my home page? They now have a slight egg-shape (if you can call it that) for some reason even though nothing else on the site seems to have that shape, which just looks pretty odd. Not to mention the icons I made for my course were meant to be round lol (icon below is not my own)

(L0rri) #8

Yes, and the irregular oval shape around the user name is annoying. But I do like the black and yellow. Maybe the blue could be tinkered with to make it less of a gray color and more of a light blue? Memrise, you could put the color combinations to a vote as to which shade of blue works with the black and yellow :slight_smile:

(Roberta Spiga00) #9

Oh yay, now it’s as ugly as Decks if not worse. Why oh why? And the forums are even worse with that yellow topbar!


The leaderboard summary display on the homepage is unreadable (usernames are written over the scores).

However the leaderboard summary is displayed correctly on this page:

On the full version of the leaderboard page i.e.

only half of each user’s icon is displayed

also “words learned” and “points” are displayed in blue on this page (which i prefer) but in black on the homepage.

(Roberta Spiga00) #11

And this is how it appears on my chrome home, what is that symbol even supposed to represent?

(Tempro33) #12

yeah, I liked the old design way better. This is much less pleasing to the eye and just feels kitsch.

(Tempro33) #13

really hope we get the old GUI back

(Silverbear) #14

I have to agree. I really don’t want to put my eyes through that every day. Fails even 101 web design.
So many times over the years we have seen the interface ‘tweeked’, usually for the worse. The fundamental problems with the site e.g. navigation, especially when you have a lot of courses, and bugs, have been ignored.

(Kanat Dzhumadylov) #15

some bugs

(Olaf Rabbachin) #16

It does (once more) seem a bit half baked, doesn’t it? I really do wonder as to how the “designers” actually tested their new layouts - bunches of layout and positioning problems (too many to name them all), these should really have shown up in a not-even-so-thorough-of-a-test.

Also, it seems that they missed to find resp. failed to perform the transition for some parts/pages of the website, for instance the difficult word list which is still showing the old design.

I hate to write this, but - once again - no kudos for the responsible team at Memrise! :roll_eyes:

(Sofiafilm) #17

That poor Duolingo’s design happened recently, and from that moment, I almost don’t do any lessons on Duolingo. On the contrary, I’ve been on Memrise daily and was grateful for calm Memrise design.
Is there a way to switch back to the old design?

(Kwarkje) #18

What was the plan here? To discourage both old and new users? It’s buggy, looks unpolished and unprofessional. New blog post explains nothing of course.

@Sofiafilm Duolingo comparison is absolutely unfair here, they did massive behind the scenes work to improve the courses [ totally reworked trees following certification levels and extensive grammar tips to name few ] and redesign was tied to total interface rework for performance reasons.

(Bellirafond) #19

Sorry, but new design is really … ugly. So uncomfortable to learn now. ahhh.

(Sofiafilm) #20

I can’t agree. You talking about French, Spanish courses that I don’t know nothing about. While new Duolingo’s design affecting all of us, despite what language we are learning.