What if you will never earn a streak because of certain restrictions

Hi I cant get a streak higher than 5 days because im not allowed to use electricity on Saturday or Friday afternoon is there any other way to earn a streak

hmmm I guess your right thanks :smiley:

Hi @Em135877 ,

Assuming you’re based in the UK, the following may work for you.

After earning your streak points each Friday morning, change your time zone in your Memrise settings to America/Anchorage - Alaska Time.

On Sunday morning between 1 am and 9 am, you should be able to earn streak points for Saturday. Then immediately change your Memrise time zone back to UK time - and repeat the sequence every week.

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wow did you come up with this thank you so much

Yes, I’ve recently been studying astrology which turbocharged my understanding of time zones and other celestial phenomena.

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wow that’s amazing