What happens when I ignore an item (word or other)?

I understand that I can ignore an item, and unignore it from my profile - but the support section doesn’t explain what it is I’m actually ignoring. As an example, for the Japanese character ‘ko’ it can pop up in the course in three different ways - asking to recognize the sound ‘ko,’ asking you to recognize the character ‘こ’ or asking you to recognize the character ‘コ’. If I ignore Ko - does it ignore the sound, the hiragana, the katakana, or all of them?

I tried looking at the course items, but from that list there’s no way of telling which items are just recognizing the sound. I don’t learn anything from watching a video of someone drawing こ, then saying ‘ko’ to me, and me pressing ‘ko’, so I’d like to ignore that item - but I’m happy to just keep recognizing こ without the sound, and I definitely want to keep practicing コ. I could experiment with this, but I assumed it would be covered in the support section.